This is just ridiculous; City praises City Manager who got paid $800,000

Well, if you hire Jabba the Hutt to manage your city, you get what you deserve…

Screencap at the wrong aspect ratio? I don’t believe people come that wide.

Hutt crossbreed also a possibility, I suppose.

I think he looks more like a Captain Planet villain.

Now the funny thing here is that Bell City Hall is back-to-back with a Hometown Buffet. City Hall is one street over from a shopping center, so they are adjacent as they face their respective streets.

I’m sitting here trying to adjust the aspect ratio, and nothing I do fixes the fact that he’s fat. I think it’s some sort of special power he has.

I think I fixed it:

Sorry, but. . . bring me Solo and the wookie.

Pretty big protest outside the city hall recently

DA is expanding probe. Hopefully some of these fuckers will end up in jail.

I hope they go to jail forever and lose everything they have. Sickening scumbags.

So now they are withholding information from the public. The Los Angeles Times should have filed a lawsuit yesterday if all went according to plan. They claim they can’t provide the documents because they are too busy providing the exact same documents to the state attorney general’s office. WTF? I guess the salaries ate the copy machine budget.

Eight arrests have been made.

I hope they lose everything and their families have to go on welfare. I also notice the Chief of Police, Randy Adams (the guy making 50% more than the Chief of the LAPD), is notably absent from that list of arrestees, I hope they aren’t letting him skate.

I doubt they looked very hard. From an AP article:

Cooley, who knew Adams when he was the police chief in Glendale, said there was no evidence he committed any crimes.
Right, right. Then specifically about Adams, he said:

“Being paid excessive salaries is not a crime,” Cooley said. “Illegally obtaining those salaries is a crime.”
Very clever to break out the CEO pay talking points. But then I saw this article where there is another suit that calls out Adams, this time from the state attorney. (Jeez are the feds going to get in on this action too?) Hopefully the taxpayers won’t be stuck with the guy’s golden parachute of lifetime medical benefits.

Damn you, Hans! I saw his picture on a new story, logged on to Qt3 to see if there was a topic so I could post “well, this is what you get when you elect a Hutt to office…” But NOooooooo… Beaten to the punch!

Rizzo appears to have committed federal wire fraud by having the city repay his personal loans, so his issues are just beginning. Dog faced asshole.

Good lord. I mean, don’t get me wrong - making it so you’re ridiculously overpaid by your locality is bad, and very likely criminal, but I can see someone thinking they’re smart enough to get away with it. However, having a city repay your personal debts is just blatantly stupid. How does that not get noticed?

Oh, yeah - the person who holds the checkbook is also on the take. Nevermind.

Woo! Great news.

People who do what Rizza did don’t stop. They believe that they can get away with shit and keep going until somebody stops them. I was 100% certain they would find some shit to keep his ass in jail for awhile and they have. And this may just be the tip of the iceberg. The guy is a greedy idiot.

I think what makes his head look so weird is that it’s obviously not just fat… it’s like his skull itself is way wider than normal, but his face is normal size.

Found another pic of the guy.