This is just scary



Why do I always click on those links… Also, I’ve seen that chick somewhere before, recently somewhere on the web.

I’m not clicking on that link. I don’t care if Whitta says is SFW or not. If he thinks it’s scary…

What is it, BTW?


It’s a disturbingly wooden girl being photographed with her entire prom, apparently, one person at a time… it’s a bit hard to describe, but safe to click on.

Some of the other flash in his directory is odd too.

OK, his Disco Fuhrer made me laugh.

I liked this one, for sheer bizarrity (It’s a word now, dammit!)

Something awful forums perhaps?

i wonder if this is completely legit. based on the horrible resolution in the flash, it is entirely possible that they took a girl with a somewhat wooden expression and altered the photos so that she always has exactly the same expression and looks like a total weirdo.

Hey, I had that baby-saving game on my IBM in high school.

Totally unexpected.

When I saw the original thread on SA, they had pictures from multiple angles and she had the same expression in each picture. Apparently it was a coming out party or something, when I get a bit more time I’ll dig around the SA forums and find the thread again.

A lot of kids learn a totally fake smile to put on in photos, either formally by dabbling in modeling or being browbeaten by a snapshot-happy parent. It’s part of why my wife generally refuses to do formal photography for school events.

I’d still do her.

I assume that by “her” you mean the woman in the pictures and not Supertanker’s wife.

Dunno, what does she look like?

the one called “corgi”, what game is that music from? One of the Mega Man series?
The NES MegaMan games had the best game music evar

Did someone check her pulse? Weekend at Bernie’s anyone?