This is my 3,000th post

I wanted it to be special!

You call that special?

That is special.

Say, that IS special. :)

Congratulations on the text located bellow your username that reads “Posts: 3,014”.

I liked Bernie Mac in Bad Santa.

Grat - though I suppose I’m only posting this to see how close I’m getting to 3,000 myself…

(2787 as I post this)

(4484 as this thread gets revived for some reason and I stumble across this post over a year later)

Heh, funny you mention that because I posted that message so I could rank up to “Good Shape” :p

But really, congrats on 3,000 posts ;)

I will use my 3000th post to bump this thread and call you a pussy.

Just you wait.

That signpost up ahead, next stop, 4000!


In keeping with tradition.

That’s pretty fucking awesome.

16,000? Newb.

Holy crap, Rubin, I never noticed your post count. That is bonkers.

I’m a chatty little fuck, here and in RL.

I just wanna post enough so I’m no longer a social worker. Blarg.

You’re so close! Just a few hundred more posts and you’ll level up!