This is so... sad

conquer one of the 50 billion or so Korean MMORPG’s has a ad on mpogd advertising you to play it in beta so you can find a girl. so… so… sad…

How does that rank with the hundreds of ads that say “play this game and you’ll get a fake ingame girl with monstrosity-like proportions”?

With the other games, it’s the equivalent of going on and on to some stranger about all the made-up supermodels you’ve banged; everyone knows it’s a lie, but it greases social contact and all that.

This one…did you ever had a creepy friend-of-a-friend who showed everyone his stuffed fuckdoll once?

Eh, it’s just some poor attempt to give the site a Valentine’s day theme.

Even if your inclinations are somewhat different, the Koreans still have a MMORPG for you.