This is the end for Clementine in The Walking Dead

Title This is the end for Clementine in The Walking Dead
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 26, 2019

When Telltale Games shuttered at the end of 2018, beyond the tragedy of people suddenly losing their jobs, one of the practical issues for fans was the potential for The Walking Dead: The Final Season abruptly ending in limbo…

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Are the games better than the show? I don’t like the show much.

Way better. At least the first season is, the writing takes a serious dip in quality for the second and third. I got too invested in the show to give up on it, but I’d argue the games at their worst are still almost on par with the show at it’s best.

Give the first season a go, it ends in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have to play the others.

I saw it listed for sale (on the Epic Store) and wondered if all episodes had ended up getting finished. May even pick it up now. Well, when its on sale…

I’ll second @AshenVictor. After reading a bunch of the comic, I fell asleep during the pilot of the show and never went back, but I liked the first season of the game. Never played further, though.