Had to register a new account after being on here for years for some reason.


Shouldn’t need to do that. PM me details and I’ll look into it.


So I’m going to be that guy, huh?




Well… did you read this?


I was just now reading that actually. I had no clue that the forum was being migrated - until someone asked me (in the Star Citizen thread) if we lost any of my posts. I thought they were talking about the switch from legacy vBulletin to this monstrosity we’re currently using.

I should probably just buy the site, switch it to Simple Machine Forum or IP.Board, and make a lot of people very - very - mad. Who even owns the site now anyway?


Hey, Clay, I was curious: Is the current level of performance for the forum indicative of future performance or will things speed up substantially once the housekeeping tasks are complete and the forum software has been optimized for the new server?


It will speed up. Working on that today. We will see performance hiccups until the posts are rebaked, though.


If there’s one thing I hate waiting for, it’s iowait.


But if there are TWO things I hate waiting for, it’s iowait and UPS


I assumed that the slower performance was the result of moving to a Qualcomm processor.


From Stusser’s and Clay’s posts the slower performance right now is tied to the entire site being in the midst of recompiling the database, essentially inspecting and recompiling every single post to the forums ever. That’s going to take a while, DAYS was the initial estimate I believe.

It also appears (again from previous posts) that they’ve migrated to different equipment at the new host, and the “new” server is a bit less powerful than the one Wumpus was loaning us to host the site.

Put these two things together and yes, the forums are going to suck wind for a few days. Be patient guys, it will pass.

Alternatively, someone could always donate a really nice server to host the forums on. ;-)


Yes to both of these. It doesn’t have to be “really nice.” It just needs to be a solid dedicated Mini PC. We’re going to talk about that and potentially start some type of community drive to get the $ for it.


Has there been any consideration of just hosting it off AWS? Their hardware is pretty stupid cheap at this point.


The AWS pricing and Linode pricing are roughly equivalent for the VM size we need.


I am sure I am not the only one who would happily chip in towards a decent server host.


I really doubt that.


I believe there’s been some burgeoning discussion about that. I’m pretty down to up my own Patreoning to keep the community functional and healthy, but there’s obviously a lot of stuff behind the scenes that may be influencing things, and it feels a little uncouth to dig relentlessly into the details of Tom’s financial life in public :(



I don’t think it requires any digging. The simple fact is that it’s expensive to run the forum. That was covered before, now it isn’t, so let’s figure out, as a community, how to best cover it so that this change does not end up being disruptive to the site we all love. It’s pretty simple in the end: if everybody using Patreon chipped in an extra dollar or two each month, that would cover it.


Agreed. Set it up and I will gladly donate.


In a sense, it’s already there… as Patreon. No, that’s not a specific call to action, but it ends up in the same place. Anyhow, Tom will have to be involved with the conversation.