This is the place for posts on games

We’ll make this the place for posting about games and Everything Else the place for everything else. Feel free to create any game-related topics here, and we’ll talk about micropayments, fat people, and craptacular books and movies in Everything Else.

It will be a forum rule that all threads about books eventually become threads about fantasy books.

It will sound corny, but I was kind of worried someone died or something… long time no see.

… And all movie threads degenerate into either Star Wars bashing or quotes for Tennenbaums or Made.


Did you just call me Coltrane?



Hey! Are you listening to me!

Of course it was dark, it was a suicide note!

“I understand that the per diem is mine. No one gets his hands on it but me.”


My X-Wing will still fly circles around your Y-Wing.

  • Alan

I like games.

(They dared me to do this on the IRC channel. Not my fault.)

We didn’t hold a gun to your head. And it was your idea.

Was this really necessary?

zombie thread!

What this book presupposes is, maybe he didn’t?




(pity reply)

On the bright side, the thread topic hasn’t actually changed.

Is this where I’m supposed to post about games?

Let’s talk about WoW.