This is what happens when a Twitch streamer gets "swatted"

Want it to stick? Treat it as endangerment to the police, which it often is.
Or you know, all of the above.

Yup. That one detail is the difference between the headline we got and “Fortnite’s Teenage World Champ Killed in Swatting Incident.”

Kid also’s white, isn’t he? Would have been different if otherwise…

He lives about 30 minutes from where I live. I don’t even know what kind of SWAT team they really have in that town. Either way, this is the ridiculous danger people put themselves in by being a successful gamer and it’s ridiculous.

It might be like our. Ours is part-time, as in they call them in from the regular force or something, not like an always active unit.

More like this guy, please…

“They’re not asking for the world, they’re not asking for round-the-clock protection,” Whitcomb says. “They’re making a really simple request that some would argue we’re obligated to provide.”

This is a new article, but this was brought up before; I’m pretty sure. It’s at least an attempt although the first time someone puts themselves on the list to get more time to do something… it’s going to be trouble.

If an officer is dispatched to your address, they’ll see your profile and proceed with appropriate caution.

Will they though.

It immediately makes you wonder what they’re proceeding with normally, as opposed to “appropriate caution.” Well, not wonder, really, since it’s pretty obvious.

That registry is nice. It would be nicer if police could get the address they were at right before they went into the house guns blazing, as in the Andrew Finch / Barriss case.

The thing is, bad people could abuse this system if they wanted to. Hopefully, it’s not possible to sign up anonymously or under a false name.

And bad people already abuse the system as it exists so…

You’re also adding complexity to cops’ jobs, which they don’t like. There are only so many new things you can train cops to do before they start forgetting/ignoring the old things. Plus, they have their own agendas which compete for attention.

I’ve got to imagine that being a SWAT officer sent to a dangerous situation is stressful as hell-- and killing an innocent has got to be the worst feeling in the world. So yeah, I think they’ll check the list. Not everybody, not every time, not at first. But in the end it could work.

You may think that, but it really doesn’t seem to be the case for most of the cops who do it.

The fact that there are often no legal consequences doesn’t mean they aren’t hit hard emotionally. You’d have to be psychotic not to be impacted by something like that.

World’s tiniest violin, etc, not a boo-hoo sitch here, just saying they want to avoid it too.

You give people sticks or guns and they’re going to look forward to any chance to use them. Which is not a bad quality for them to have, professionally, I guess. Just don’t also give them ‘carte blanche’ politically. I guess complaining about stuff like this makes me a pussy.

This is why I don’t understand people that buy katanas and shit. How can you own RPGs and spear guns and stuff and not want to take them off the wall every day and test them out?

It’s like signing yourself up for perpetual blue balls.

You made me nervous for a second. I thought you were talking about video games.

Also, disclaimer: My brother is a cop. He’s been stewing in some sort of slow rage for a decade at least now.