This is what the 360 HD will do for you ( live marketplace )

Microsoft announced this morning that at this weekend’s Digital Life consumer technology showcase in New York, they will reveal the launch window portfolio for Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. Peter Moore, corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing for Xbox at Microsoft, will announce in his Digital Life keynote speech the Xbox Live Arcade launch titles, supported by publishers such as Electronic Arts, Midway Home Entertainment, Capcom, Vivendi Universal Games, Konami, Sega and Hudson Soft. In total, 35 titles are planned by summer 2006. Also, earlier this week Microsoft and RealNetworks announced plans to collaborate in the casual games arena. In this games partnership, RealNetworks will develop a series of new casual games for Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360.

Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 will launch in the U.S. and Canada on November 22, simultaneous with the North American launch of the new console. Similarly, the European and Japanese versions of Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 will launch alongside the European and Japanese console launches on December 2 and December 10, respectively. The next-generation Xbox Live Arcade online service will be fully integrated into the Xbox 360 Dashboard providing a central destination for Xbox 360 gamers to download new games, access their game collections, check out new releases and experience around-the-game features.

“The next generation of Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 will enhance the gaming experience for casual and competitive gamers alike, across the globe, providing something for everyone with world-class games and captivating content,” said Moore.

The Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 launch portfolio will include the following titles through Holiday 2005:

Astropop - Popcap Games
Bankshot Billiards 2 - pixelStorm, Inc
Bejeweled 2 - Popcap Games
Crystal Quest - Stainless Games
Feeding Frenzy - Popcap Games
Gauntlet - Midway Home Entertainment
Geometry Wars 2 - Bizarre Creations
Hardwood Backgammon - Silver Creek Entertainment
Hardwood Hearts - Silver Creek Entertainment
Hardwood Spades - Silver Creek Entertainment
Hexic. HD - Microsoft Game Studios
Hoopworld - Streamline Studios
Jewel Quest -
Joust - Midway Home Entertainment
Marble Blast Ultra - GarageGames
Mutant Storm Reloaded - PomPom Games
Outpost Kaloki - Wahoo Studios
Robotron 2084 - Midway Home Entertainment
SmashTV - Midway Home Entertainment
Wik: Fable of Souls - Reflexive Entertainment
Zuma - Popcap Games

As an added bonus, the full version of Hexic HD, the Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game, will be included free of charge with every Xbox 360 System at launch. Designed by world famous Tetris. creator Alexey Pajitnov, Hexic HD will be preloaded on the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Additionally, Peter Moore will announce that more than 40 publishers and developers have signed on to support Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 with game titles. These partners include:

Bizarre Creations
Digital Eclipse
Electronic Arts
Empire Interactive
Gaia Studios
GameHouse Studios
Garage Games
Gastronaut Studios
Hudson Soft
Load, Inc
Mad Doc Software
Microsoft Game Studios
Midway Home Entertainment
Mumbo Jumbo (United Developers)
Naked Sky Entertainment
Oberon Media
Pick Up And Play
pixelStorm, Inc
PomPom Games
Popcap Games
Q Entertainment
RealNetworks, Inc
Reflexive Entertainment
Secret Lair Studios
Silver Creek Entertainment
SNK Playmore
Stainless Games
Streamline Studios
Tik Games
Vivendi Universal Games
Wahoo Studios
Wanako Games
Wild Tangent

Xbox Live Arcade is powered by Xbox Live Marketplace, enabling gamers to quickly and easily download and unlock Xbox Live Arcade games. Every game in the Xbox Live Arcade will have a free, fully playable trial version that any Xbox Live Gold or Silver member can download onto their hard drive or memory unit.

It’s sounding very nifty- Looks like a great thing for smaller developers.

Anyone have an idea on what the barrier to entry is like? What’s the cost of the dev kit and getting your game on Live Arcade?

That’s really cool. There are some really good indie/casual games on that list.

That’s not the old Crystal Quest that used to be on the Mac, is it?

Hardwood Hearts and Smash TV… AWESOME

The only thing they havent said yet is the cost.

For me 5 bucks and sold more then that and eh I could do with out it.

I believe it is, or at least an updated version there of. The designer of it works at Stainless Steal who is listed as the dev so…

I’m excited to see how it turns out. I always loved x-quest on the PC.

Now if they can just get Minter to do a slightly updated Llamatron…

You’ve mispelled “Tempest 2000” I believe.

Too bad that gametap locked up the rights to a lot of content.

Rumor is that these games will be $5 to $10 each, but keep in mind that current Xbox Live Arcade offerings on the current Xbox were $15 each.

Playing Gauntlet for even $5 seems a little silly when you can get an entire collection of Midway games for $20 or less.

OTOH, Zuma for $5 is a damned bargain!

what, no snood?

I’d buy a 360 just for Hexic.

Well, not really. But it does rock.

Each time I read Hexic in that list, I thought “Hey, Heretic! I mean Hexen! Oh wait, it’s not either of those.” Seriously, I thought that every time I read it again. So what is Hexic?

So aside from Mutant Storm, this is basically Flash games and card games?


Each time I read Hexic in that list, I thought “Hey, Heretic! I mean Hexen! Oh wait, it’s not either of those.” Seriously, I thought that every time I read it again. So what is Hexic?[/quote]


You’d have to be crazy not to pay an extra $100 to play bejeweled on your $400 console in 2006. Bejeweled is the future, man. It’s manifest destiny, shit or get off the pot.

In fact I’m just gonna come right out and say it-- Bejeweled is the xbox360’s Halo. They’re tapping a new market, teenage girls and soccer moms will line up by the millions to purchase a $500 console for bejeweled alone, much less solitaire and tetris. Savvy marketing indeed… I never would have imagined trying to sell a $500 game console to chicks to play free flash games on their couch. It’s clear I lack imagination. Bravo, microsoft!

Wait… flash of light… brilliant idea here… wait for it… MULTIPLAYER BRIDGE ON XBOX LIVE!.


Each time I read Hexic in that list, I thought “Hey, Heretic! I mean Hexen! Oh wait, it’s not either of those.” Seriously, I thought that every time I read it again. So what is Hexic?[/quote]


Hexic is also a game made by Alexey Pajitnov… otherwise known as “The Guy Who Made Tetris”. He works for Microsoft.


Did I see Wild Tangent, the company that refuses to politely leave my hard drive? Argh!

A lot of those games are like the games I can play for free on my PC. Will most of these just be included in the cost of Xbox Live or do we have to pay extra for them? And are they multiplayer games?

Id love to see fate on the xbox.