This is why Next Gen podcast is great

It’s different from all of the other podcasts out there that deal with computer games. In every other one, it’s a roundtable, you get the feeling that it’s a bunch of guys shooting the bull at the bar. They all start with the old “what have you been playing lately,” move on to news, new releases, etc.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

But the Next Gen podcast, number 6 specifically, starts with a couple guests: one is Scott Miller of 3DRealms. They discussed a lot of interesting industry stuff with him, including:

  • Prey 2 is in development, cuz Prey sold a MILLION copies. A MILLION. On only 2 platforms (that’s mindboggling to me).
  • Why has Duke Nukem taken so long to get out? “Because we suck” - Miller. :) Now granted, maybe part of his explanation was backpeddling, but I enjoyed his story about the massive delay.
  • Miller discussed why they prefer to use outside development studios as opposed to bringing people in-house.
  • Rob Merrit covered this in another thread, but Miller mentioned that Duke Nukem will be 10-12 months out when we start seeing ads for it. So it’s further out than that. He did say that it was less than 3 years out though.
  • They talked about Triton, and how basically they inked a bad deal, which is what led to their going bankrupt. The discussion turned to Steam, and Miller said their reluctance was because they’re basically putting money (and sales figures) into Valve’s pocket by using Steam, and that’s why big publishers are reluctant to use em. He speculated that if Steam were spun off to a separate company, that 3DR and other publishers would use em.

All this in the context of a calm, sort of “highbrow” (well, highbrow in the gaming industry) presentation. It’s quite a contrast to, say, the 1UpYours Podcast, or CGW Radio (again, those are interesting, and I like em, but the Next Gen podcast really stands out).

Oh, and Gary talks about the high level of asshattery on XBL, with a funny one-liner about playing Uno. Definitely worth a listen.

Agreed. Next Gen is really like a news program. There is a quantitative difference between Next Gen and other shows. Compare this episode with 1ups last show with Rockstar. While I enjoy 1up, I almost wanted to beat the hosts for being such asses. Rockstar almost never gives interviews and it felt like such a wasted opportunity. With 3Drealms and Next Gen, I felt satisfied with the interview.

I’d bet my shirt that he means that Take-Two sold a million copies to retailers.

Prey only sold ~130,000 copies its first month for X360, and was only on the Top 10 for PC for one week, at #5.

Matthew, are those numbers US or World Wide?

The U.S.

Is it because outside studios actually finish their games? I mean, say what you will about Prey, but at least it’s in a box, on store shelves.

In Germany it sold less than 40,000 copies (PC & X360), AFAIK.


Thanks for the positive feedback; I forwarded this to the other editors. There’s also a very nice thread over at NeoGAF.

He said that based on sales, they were going ahead with Prey 2. If he sold a million to retailers, wouldn’t you expect a certain level of returns? Or do you not get returns in the PC biz?

But a million sales to retailers, ok I can buy that.

This thread needs a link to the podcast.

Is this the same one that Whitta does? The one with that had the (EDIT:guy who acted like a) complete jackass from Curmudgeon gamer?

There was a Mortyr 2. Just sayin’.

The guy from curmodgeon gamer was just on one time; we have a different guest every week.

Ah. Good news. I found it very enjoyable except for that part.

I like that podcast a lot. Best one I’ve listened too about games yet. I’ll definitely listen again and I’m glad to hear you’ll be doing more episodes.

I’d also LOVE it if you guys would transcribe the interview on your site. I know I would link to it and quote from it. I’m sure others would too.

Also, probably the best interview I’ve heard with Scott Miller. He sounded so humble.

Yeah, we’re working on that. I know the site just hired a transcriber so you should see that happening soon.

Good podcast this week with Cliff Bleszinski and Gabe Newell as guests.

Yeah, I listened to this last night and enjoyed it. I liked how you and Colin raised the issues from last week (regarding Steam, and the fact that people have to get in bed with Valve to use Steam) with Gabe. However, I thought you should have challenged Gabe’s answer (which was “well, people are in bed with other people all the time. Company A licenses Company B’s engine, etc, so this is just another example of that”).

Also was shocked at CliffyB’s pottymouth. Not at what he was saying, which was fine, but it was a contrast to the rest of the podcast; you guys are so sedate and cultured-sounding all the time that when someone comes on and talks like a longshoreman it’s such a stark contrast.

Loved how you complained about not being on the Top 50 Game Journalists list too. :)

That 1up show was a pretty bad example, though. I think the 1up show is probably the best podcast out there at the moment. It’s got some good, conflicting personalities that discuss games in both a mature and shoot the shit sort of way.

Maybe you’re right, but the one I listented turned me off for good. :)

The few minutes with Gabe was really good. Cliffy B? Not so much but that wasn’t Next Gen’s fault.