This just in: being sick bites

…especially during the week before Christmas. I’ve been under the weather for 4 days now.

A Gone Gold refugee? Infirmed in some fashion? How can this be? A great mystery is born.

Fascinating, tell me more. Please feel free to use this website as your blog. That’s what it’s for.

What did your mom make for breakfast?

Did you fight with your best friend?

How did you do on that social studies pop quiz?

Do you really like Cindy Poulson? Does Cindy Poulson like you?

We want to know!

Being sick is the greatest…I played RVS online for 12 hours straight while lying bed when I was sick a few weeks ago…greatest sick day ever!

What’s odd about being sick is that while you feel that way, you can’t remember what it was like to be well. You almost can’t imagine every being well again…you feel like this is your new life…and it just sucks.

Sorry to hear :(

Hope you feel better.

When I used this forum as a blog, everyone had well wishes. This is really just another excuse to hate the Gone Golders, isn’t it? Count me in!

Yes, use this forum as a blog, but please try to put all penis discussions in the appropriately titled thread. Thank you!

Ouch. Remind me to never discuss any infirmities here again. :P Thanks for the get-well wishes to those who passed them on.

I barely feel well enough to watch TV today–I which I felt good enough to game-- God knows I have enough of a backlog.

Are all you guys hatin’ on Octopus Overlords for real, or what? Inquiring minds want to know.

Linked due to potential NSFW images.

OK, I get it. Sorry to have annoyed you. :?

It’s their special way of asking you to tell them more.