This just in... E3 now sucks

I literally thought e3 couldn’t get any worse than last year with the motion control race between xbox and ps3 and nintendo basically doing what they do best: same old shit, new way of delivering it.

But this year may be the worst yet! Everything was just an update of an old idea. Barely anything was new. And all nintendo had to do was announce a new HD console and they sealed the victory and we got something even they aren’t sure how to classify. Is it a console, is it a controller, and can you use it without the wii? I think you can answer yes to all of those but not definitively.

And sadly a lot of good programming teams are moving to the casual gaming market on handhelds and tablets and the big companies are too afraid to go out and target the more hardcore gamer with it’s own new first-party game. Instead they leave that to the third-party developers now, and even they are just rehashing shit. Call of duty, Halo, uncharted, gears of war?? Sorry but this stuff just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

Consoles are becoming more media hubs for me and PCs are for my gaming. Sad to say.

Why is it sad? Do what you want. You’re free to choose the hobbies you like.

It’s just frustrating. As the technology improves the games stay the same. And I like playing games on consoles but I feel like more and more it’s becoming a waste of my time. Maybe I’m over analyzing it but e3 was a disappointment never the less.

My first thought: Now?

E3 died around 2006.

Suddenly the PC looks less d00med right?

BF3 PC demo is the clear winner so far and probably will stay unless something else comes out of the blue in the following days.

Amazing turn of events.

Every E3 sucks. The parties used to be pretty great, although Comdex and CES had them beat cold.

E3 died the day MGS spent several millions on buying out and decking out the floor in E3 for gears of war/xbox and PAX soared.

As for consoles becoming bland and developers targetting facebook and tablets/iphones? BAHAHAHAHAHA.
That’s what you get with a closed platform that doesn’t prompt indie involvement.
Now PC remains the only venue for innovation. And I’m HAPPY for it.

Die consoles, die. Arcade evil-spawn wannabe that you are. DIE!!!

I haven’t even plugged in my X360 for the past couple of years, but don’t both consoles support indie developers through XBLA and PSN downloads?

E3 will pickup again when Microsoft and Sony decide to unveil new consoles and have games to show for them. It is just because the current-gen hardware is getting long in the tooth.

Yes. Foxstab is just … nevermind.

So new consoles are required for new ideas? All new consoles will do is let them take their tired old ideas to a new platform.

OK, so everything is bland and derivative and there is no hope for the future? Got it. Might as well give up on games since everything’s been done and it is just a long line of “cover shooters” stretched out before us.

Consoles will get an injection of fresh blood from Eastern European developers. They’re 10 years behind everyone and just starting to mature enough to get to the consoles. At least they’ll bring old-is-new-again ideas and some cool stories and universes that feel fresh to Westerners.

On the other hand, it’s possible they’ll be integrated into the mainstream very quickly. I’d mention Crysis 2 as an example where the series became more like Call of Duty but then everyone would argue about that and I haven’t played it anyway. So I won’t mention it as an example.

Of course E3 sucks. It’s a complete anachronism, a relic of the pre-Internet age when the best way to circulate information about the industry was to physically assemble people in the same building.

That’s totally redundant in this day and age, where everyone can instantly download information about a product in seconds, and not have to travel thousands of miles, eat bad food, stand up for hours on end, or subject their ears to endless punishment to do it.

And of course in the Internet era it is completely insane to actually announce your new product on the same four days that everyone else does. Why drown your message in the general clamor? So 95% of the things shown at E3 are pre-announced weeks or months or years in advance.

Pretty much the only actual new news that comes out of E3 these days are a handful of giant hardware announcements. All the other information can be gathered earlier and more quickly and accurately by sitting in your chair and surfing the Web. And given that we’re living in the 21st century, it would insane if it were any other way.

So the same old ideas will seem fresh when they finally look like what my computer can render? Got it.

And I’ll second the 2006 comment.

You guys are lame. I love E3 because I can sit back and make fun of all the awkward presenta-HOLY SHIT WAS THAT WHAT I THINK IT WAS IN THE MASS EFFECT 3 DEMO AWYEAHAWYEAHHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEE

You know why everything seems less innovative than it did ten years ago? Because you’re ten years older.

“Oh, it’s all just sequels!” Yeah, that’s a total change from my youth when I played Ultima 7 and King’s Quest 5.

“Oh, it’s all just the same genres over and over again!” Yeah, that’s a total change from my youth when I played a zillion adventure games and a zillion RPGs.

If nothing is exciting to you, it’s because you are old and jaded, not because all the joy has been sucked out of the world. Teenagers and kids think videogames in modernity are pretty damn awesome.

Bill and me sitting in the balcony and having a great time. Enjoy your jadedness.

You have a point, mkozlows, we are a bunch of cranky old dudes. Now leave me alone while I play Tie Fighter.

PAX and GamesCom for the win. Only thing E3 has over those is the big first party announcements like hardware, platform, etc.

Which is really X-Wing 2. ducks