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I got one of those CNN breaking news emails that read, “Actress Katharine Hepburn has died at the age of 96.”

To which I mentally responded, “She was still alive?”


Yeah, same here.

Not me. Kate was on my “For Christ’s sake, why isn’t _____ ______ dead yet?” list with Bob Hope and Gregory Peck (uh, until last week). One to go…

Bob Hope is still alive?


Do the hepburn voice in your head - “ooooohhh Tom”

Since I read the news, I have been applying that warbling voice to everything this evening. Well past the, “will you stop already?”

I saw African Queen again this past month, that is probably my favorite of hers.


I wish it was on DVD.

By some medical criteria.

I remember liking KH in Rooster Cogburn, so I may have to watch that again.

I’ve never seen any of her movies, but it sounds like she was a really good actress.

What other movies did she appear in that you liked and wish were on DVD?

Who’s Katherine Hepburn?

No… I’m just kidding. Bob Hope was always one of my faves. Who’d have thought he’d be the old man of Hollywood?

Rooster Cogburn was just on one of the classic movie channels this weekend.

African Queen is great and has Bogart in it too.

Philidelphia Story is one of my all-time favorite comedies. Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant co-star.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is dated, but fun. It’s got Spencer Tracy in his last role and Sidney Poitier.

The Lion in Winter is a great movie. It has Peter O’Toole and some other notables.

She did a number of movies with Spencer Tracy. They’re all decent.

She was a lot of fun to watch. Of course, I like old movies as much as new ones for the most part, so my judgement may be a bit skewed.

I’m with you on Bob Hope. I grew up watching his “On the Road to …” movies on the “Family Film Festival” TV show which used to broadcast old movies on the weekends in LA. Great stuff.

Hepburn was amazing. Once of the best actresses of all time. Lion in Winter is still one of my favorite movies - although I confess to being a huge O’Toole fan as well which may bias me a bit on that one. I will look forward to the tribute at the Oscar’s next year as some greats have passed on this year…Peck being another one.

Desk Set is a must see.

Speaking of Spencer Tracy, this is a fantastic movie: Bad Day at Black Rock. If you haven’t seen either of them yet, I envy you: you’re in for a grand time. Don’t read any synopses, just see them immediately, do whatever it takes.

She’s also good in Rainmaker, though this is one of the Burt Lancaster movies where his acting is way over-the-top, ala Elmer Gantry.

Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant is one of the original screwball comedies and worth a look too.

Yep. President Bush had him crygenetically frozen to fulfill his campaign promise to “preserve Hope.”

(runs away)

Yep. President Bush had him crygenetically frozen to fulfill his campaign promise to “preserve Hope.”

(runs away)[/quote]

Jesse Jackson has been contributing to the medical fund for Bob via corporate shakedowns and screaming from every street corner(…well, most of you know where this is going, but…), “Keep Hope Alive!!”.



smacks both Joe and Tyjenks

“Right. Now don’t do it again!”

Oh yes, that’s an amazing movie… They just don’t make badasses like they used to…