This may be frowned upon so I apologize in advance

I was just wondering if where people got their roms for old school mame games, like golden tee and ms pacman. I haven’t found a good site yet. The sites I have gone to are either gone or seem shady.

I have an 8 cd MAME romset, for home theater pc purposes. Anyone who wants it can PM me.

I used to get them from an Italian MAME site earlier this year but that too has been closed down. My archive is now permanently burned to CDR.

I do wish the archive was still up though.

Almost the only emulation rom site you need:

It is in French, but even the monolingual should’t have any problem navigating it.

Golden Tee is still in every bar in america, unimproved apon. God I wish that company would explode and kill all the employees. never really died, they just disabled downloads for ‘user:anonymous’

it works for me, if I log in.

Funny you should ask. I’m downloading these at home right now. I hope that link helps.

i had one mame that was window based it worked really well and would even audit bad files, but I can’t seem to find it now. The one i have at the moment is good but it won’t play a lot of the files
even though it is the newest version of mame

sometimes older roms wont work, you need the updated rom for the new version of mame. use mame dk to find out it should say ‘rom last changed in…’ and mention a mame version.

I got most of mine at one point in time, so I just use an older version of mame32, and use the newer mame for games that were just added. It doesnt really take much space to have a few versions of mame anyways.

Ya, you can still get whatever you need from

You need to register, but that’s no biggie.