This may be the weirdest Assassin's Creed ad you'll see today

This may be the weirdest Assassin’s Creed ad you’ll see today I’m sure this must’ve seemed like a good idea in the ad agency writers’ bullpen at two in the morning.

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That is awesome. Tell me Alexa has an Alexios mode.


Okay so the video was hilariously terrible, and I thought it was just a joke. So I went to my skills…

Alexa actually does have an Alexios skill. It’s a joke app, but it Now Alexa is yelling at me in the spartan’s voice.
“Would you like to hear a song? I’ll sing you my favorite. Dead Silence. You should try it some time”.




The weirdest part is that this appears to be an actual thing you can buy, like Skyrim on Alexa.


My interest in this game increased considerably…because I got if for free for buying an RX 580.


This almost sounds like something they’re doing to let folks know they aren’t repeating the mistake from the last game, which they released without any sort of historical context or commentary.



Although that advertisement was, to say the least, awkward and a bit strange (although I did smile a bit at the bedtime story), I am very much looking forward to this one. Having never played a AC of any kind before I worry about the games AC vestiges (modern world? how?) but to me at least it looks like an open world greek-themed RPG that you can (thankfully) play a woman in (though how realistic that it in bronze age Greece I don’t know).

ps What does the daughter say that causes him to react with “Hush your forked tongue?” and then kicks something. I can’t make that out. What a weird ad.


Great, now this is going to drive me crazy. It sounds like she’s saying “Let’s actual”, but that makes no sense. Maybe the idea is she’s about to say something like “That’s actually helpful…” and he cuts her off, so all that she says is “That’s actual-”. But if that’s the case, the girl’s delivery would be all wrong, and Axios reaction is completely unmotivated.

So, uh, I got nothing. Someone get in here and figure this out!



Her line is “What the actual f-” and it cuts off.


This was a pretty great commercial for Kassandra.


I played that back a dozen times.




Three posts up.


this ^
It comes with subtitles you can turn on:

The whole ad is a bit weird, but the part that is preying on my mind is the design of the dagger he handed the boy. I would have thought that it was a much later Roman design, but some searching shows that style existed as far back as early Greek iron age as well. Now I need to study swords more. Thanks Alexios.


Hmm you all think that’s what she actually says? I am still not sure, plus it makes no sense at all


No I just watched it again. That’s not what she says. Now I will have to insist on a full investigation.


I can hear it now. I think the problem is the actress knows she’s supposed to get cut off, so she mutters “whattheactual ffffffff” instead of just saying, “What the actual fuck?”. The script was probably written as “what the actual f-” and no one thought to tell her to just say it and let it get fixed in editing.