This screw, it is SPECIAL

That’s about $82 for a standard… err, I mean SPECIAL Sony screw.

Where’s this from?

It’s the screw that adds the fun to the PS3.

I don’t know the exact source, but some Finnish electronics repair shop.

Maybe it’s the one Azurom was looking for.

For only $82? Howcum they didn’t add it to the console in the first place? I mean, what’s another 82 bucks?

Wow. I wonder if they’d trade that screw for an epic mount…


Wow. Someone got screwed.

I bet it has one of those proprietary heads too, and the screwdriver is another $400.

I’m glad the invoice says the order has been VALIDATED with ZERO errors, or else one might assume it has not been validated, or validated with a non-zero number of errors!

A screw may look fine to our untrained eyes, but the expertise required to identify
errors is at least $40 of that pricetag!

That’s the wholesale price, retail markup on that screw is 700%. Add in the other $25 worth of parts and you get the PS3.

  1. Mark up price.


Ya know, I work buying parts for Mercedes-Benz. I buy “special” shit all the time and I’ve never seen a screw go for that kind of price. Is that one made out of Plutonium?
I love Sony more and more every day!

It’s made out of the crushed souls of gamers.

Okay that was way too much wasted google-fu time.

Part is here:

Actual product is here:

Why on earth there is a screw that expensive for a speaker I have no idea. Just another reason to hate Sony I guess.

AHH! Audio part, that explains everything. It cleans up the distortion from the reversing magnetic field.

It’s the only screw that can safely penetrate an LCD monitor. DUH.

Wow, that’s like… DoD prices.


Actually it’s made from Unobtainium.