This Thread is Under $20

In other words: please help me spend my money.

I have $20 in free money to spend at Circuit City after work today (rewards cert). I am looking to buy a budget title. I’m console agnostic, I’m not caring too much about genre right now, and my collection is presented here if anyone really wants to help fill an obvious gap.

Any suggestions?

I doubt you’ll find them, but I highly recommend Amplitude and Frequency; two games by Harmonix before they “hit it big” with Guitar Herio. Both great music games.

Oh, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is fantastic and may be that price since you already have the bongos.

You have a great collection; most of my recommendations were already in your list. :)


Kirby Air Ride is $20 and is possibly my favorite non-import game on the system. Others will tell you to stay away, but they hate you and don’t want you to have any fun.

EDIT: Oh shit, you don’t have We <3 Katamari. That’s the one to buy. Fantastic and much better than the original.

Sometimes they have Roady 2’s for 20$, thats what I did with my last ‘free $20 at circuit city’ coupon thing.

Buy some circuits.

Or mabye a pony.

I took at look Circuit City’s website and saw that GTA San Andreas for the PC is $19.99. So that’s your best bang for the buck right there. Farcry’s also twenty bucks if you’d prefer that.

God of War for the PS2 just dropped to $20. That what I would pick up because, well, I just did so last week.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! $17.99. 'Nuff Said.

I’ll second the recommendation for God of War, as I also just bought it after the price drop, and it is super awesome.

I was going to suggest God of War too. I’m going to buy myself soon enough. Can’t resist at that price.

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For $20? What’s she going to do, babysit for you?

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I saw on the list you had shadow hearts 1. I would pick up number two, been playing it for the last week and really enjoyed it.

Lego Star Wars is $20 now, and I got more of my money’s worth from that than from God of War, which I bought for $20 in the same purchase…

God of War! Excellent game at full price and now it’s just $20.

I bought God of War; won’t get a chance to play it until the wife calls it a night and I can retreat to the home theater and crank it.

Keep the suggestions going, though - I am always looking for budget games since the kids take most of my money. Another suggestion was that the GCN Resident Evil 4 just dropped to $20. I would have picked it up had the CC I went to had it in stock, but they didn’t, so Kratos walked out with me.

Pikmin 1 is 20 bucks now, it doesn’t have the replay value of 2 though. If you want to shell out 10 more dollars, the castlevania double pack should be a good buy.

Got it today. Love it. hate it. So many jumping puzzles, such great combat. Grrrrrrr.