This UE 5 train station is simply Unreal

Unreal Engine 5.0

The creator notes that the environment, which is based on a real-world train station (as per the video title, the Etchū-Daimon station in Toyama, Japan), is running in Unreal Engine 5 and lit using Lumen, which is the game engine’s global illumination and reflections system (it boasts software ray tracing which doesn’t need a graphics card with hardware acceleration, though there is a hardware implementation too for Nvidia RTX and AMD RX 6000 GPUs).

I really kept waiting for a ghost to pop out.

Put a person in it and it’s next stop uncanny valley.

Well, I was convinced that was real. Very impressive.

I think the way the camera moves, very closely mimicking a phone camera, really helps sell it.

Yes, absolutely. UE5 is amazing at static environments, really a massive step forward in realism and immersion. That train station looks real to me, full stop. We’re there.

But once you get to foliage moving in the breeze it falls back to looking like a videogame, and our brains are trained by millions of years of evolution to recognize a human-- very tough to trick.

My 3070 is already weeping in fear of UE5 games.

No need, the PS5/XSX are ~25% slower than your 3070 in rasterization and much slower in RT and the consoles played the Matrix demo at a solid 30fps. The 3070 also supports DLSS, which is better than the TSR built-in to UE5.

Not much to worry about unless you want to play at 4k, and even there DLSS will probably make it work on performance mode.

It’s not a real-time capture. Impressive nevertheless.

  • Is it real time?
    No, it’s a high-res render (around 7 frames per second). I can run it in real time (30-50 fps 1440p for daytime), but image quality is worse. It’s not particularly optimized anyway, you could get better performance with a little more work


The first part outside was a lot more realistic than the indoors. Whatever they are using for lighting outside was just fantastic. Honestly, would not have had any uncanny valley vibes if I had not known it wasn’t real.

The indoors was amazing too, but the lighting was a lot more tough. Things just end up being a bit to shiny sometimes. But god damn was that good.

Though… running at 7 fps is much less impressive, though getting 30-50 fps unoptimized at a little bit less visual fidelity is getting closer to reality.

Very excited to see the next leap in graphics tech utilized in some games.

Optimization matters; the Matrix demo was optimized on consoles and ran great, but when you try to load up the map on a much higher-end gaming PC it’s not a wonderful experience.

I felt the daylight sequence was a lot more realistic looking than the nighttime bit. I think the flashlight spot and the way the shadows moved just didn’t look right.