This week's Car Talk puzzler

Okay, I’m stumped.

Name three car models (Accord, Mustang, etc) that have a plural noun for a name.

Hint: One came out around 1980 and is still made today. Another is more recent and still made today. The third got phased out around 2002.

I can’t think of a single one! Can you?

No idea, but apparently we listen to NPR at the same time.

Prelude ?

The Ford Taurus?

How many Taurus can dance on the head of a pin?

The only thing I can think of is maybe Jeep Cherokee. “The Cherokee” can be plural.

Yeah I don’t know if they’re being cheeky and including singular nouns that are the same as plural - like samurai, or for that matter, Impala. I have a strong sense that none of them are typical “S” plurals.

KIA Credos is one

As is the Mitsubishi Nimbus

And the Renault Dauphine

:edit: or maybe not…

That’s definitely a singular, as in, “That nimbus cloud is overtaking my Mitsubishi.”

Nissan Maxima has to be one of the three.

EDIT: The name of Maserati’s sedan, the Quattroporte, translates to “Four Doors”. I don’t speak Italian, though, so it might be an adjective.

Except maxima isn’t plural. The only one on my list that counts is the KIA

One maximum, two maxima?

hmm you’re right, that works.

So that’s two down.

Isn’t the proper spelling “Maximae”?

They have a website as well.

No, unless it’s some obscure latin case or a british spelling… in math I’m pretty sure it’s always maxima.

No. You use the “-ae” plural only if the singular ends with “-a”, as in nebula/nebulae or antenna/antennae. Anything with an “-um” singular becomes “-a” when pluralized. These days, though, no one’s going to rap you over the knuckles for saying “maximums”, and you’re more likely to get punched in the face for saying “fora”.

I haven’t been punched in the face yet.

Sheesh, before you know it, some smart dick is going to be claiming that the plural of ninja is ninjae.

Nah that’s just “Four Door.” Not plural.

The french system to teach latin has no plain -a suffix; it’s a difference of methodology, but I concede the point! Maxima stands.

Also, the plural for ninja is pronounced “Chuck Norris”.

Is Caravan plural? As in Dodge?

Hyundai Entourage?