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Incidentally, the only other place I see people this thin are in those starving african children infomercials.

We already did Kiera Knightley to death in another thread.

Yes, we’re all bad men.

Hmmm, our arch-conserative, SpoofyChop, didn’t recognize one of the great anti-communist stories every written? Spoofy, you may have to turn in your right-wing credentials.

Well I appreciate the compliment, but it’s not that I didn’t notice it. I noticed it was anti-communist because of the boring details that my wife related, but I also notice that it was


All I can say is that I loved Quantum leap and thought Bakula would be fine as captain. I was all prepared to really enjoy the series. I was willing to give it a lot of leeway. I enjoyed the appearance of the Andorans. I have found myself now totally disinterested in the series. I just don’t care. I can’t even be bothered to stop as I channel surf right past it.

(cough, cough),
(cough, cough)

(cough, cough),
(cough, cough)[/quote]

That’s a nasty cough you have there. Thanks for being willing to suffer a cold for me!