This week's PowerUser.TV podcast

This week’s PowerUser.TV podcast

To paraphrase Barbie, facts are hard.


Five minutes in and so far the predominant male voice sounds disturbingly like the guy yelling for Cheetos in that DnD skit by the Dead Alewives.

Can we get another song from Brad? Will he do Bar Mitzvahs?

I hope you do a show on the games of the season. I have little real interest in space travel or FCC regs, but the gaming discussions are always worth the listen.


<Dinosaur sound>

Speaking of … are there any decent game related podcasts out there. I haven’t seen anything worth listening to and my commute is over an hour. Leo Laporte can’t fill all that time.

That’s a good question, fuzzyslug. I’m pretty much the token games guy on, which is going for broader tech news coverage. But they’ve said they’re willing to make gaming stuff a regular part of it. The problem is that I don’t know how well that mixes in with what they normally do.

But I’d love to know if there’s a reasonably intelligent gaming podcast that isn’t aimed at the SpikeTV demo. Or at least IQ level.


I’d sign up for a dedicated gaming podcast in a second. It seems like a natural topic, considering the general tech-awareness of the hardcore gamer so I’m surprised no one has done it.


I too am surprised there isn’t already something good that covers gaming (and specifically gaming in an adult and informed manner) in the top 20 or so. It sounds like we need to put together a QT3 podcast. Maybe we can rise Tom above token gaming guy status.


fuzzyslug, I’ve only listened to the inaugural episode, but I found the PC Gamer Podcast to be pretty good. The 1st episode was 45 minutes long, too, so it will fill alot of your morning commute. They’re up to the 3rd episode now, featuring an interview with Sid Meir, some content regarding current headlines, and a bit of console stuff. The tone of the 1st episode is pretty mature, so I think it’ll work for you. Give it a go. has one

But its not a podcast, it is an mp3 you can download.

Thanks. I will do so.

I’ll second Kevin Baird’s It’s not a “serious” discussion of games, but that’s part of its appeal. A lot of emphasis on consoles though…

It has a podcast feed:

Thanks for the plugs guys. I’ll remain neutral about my own podcast though, but I will say that there are a number of groups that are trying to consolidate the gaming podcasts under one banner, to focus awareness or something. Ultimately I think it’s to try and make money, because AFAIK, nobody is able to do that right now. It might make sense for a big company like GameSpot to do a show and drive listeners to their website, but until there is an advertising model it really won’t improve in quality much. You’re stuck with unprofessional equipment, guys in dorm rooms, and very limited time and budgets.

If anyone wants to be a guest on the show though, you’re more than welcome to come on with us and chew the fat for an hour to see what it’s like. Just gimmie a shout…

Ah, it’s also a podcast though. I get it through iTunes, because I’m lazy.

I think I like Kevin & Co because they’re just not serious in tone about it.

I should mention that when I expressed a desire for an adult take, I didn’t mean it couldn’t have fart jokes. They just have to be good fart jokes. I’ll never be too old for them.