This...yes this here... this is the best of all the batman movie scripts

I have no words… luckily batman does: (make sure you read both pages…)

It’s funny, but how did he find 1000 hours of Batman movies?

It’s just a meme, none of these things are auto-generated. Funny thing is though an old roommate of mine was trying to write a program to do this back in the late 90s, scanning books to txt and everything. Wonder what happened with that project.

Actual auto-generated ST:TNG scripts:

Jeez, that’s just one genius line after another. If someone actually wrote that, they should take all the credit and not claim a program generated it. While I don’t entirely disbelieve, I laughed so hard so whoever wrote it deserves applause.

That reads like @Teiman wrote it. I laughed really hard.

Yeah, but it works best if you pretend it was computer-generated.



Finally I can unironically use the ‘i made this’ meme.

It really is.

Not entirely computer generated, but similar:
Batman Loves Him a Criminal

(Those guys use a predictive text generator, but a human chooses the funniest option from the choices given.)

I need a “you drink water, I drink anarchy” t-shirt.

I need the clownly power of deflecting projectiles with a sick sense of humor.