Thom Yorke's Solo Album: The Eraser

I’m a pretty big Radiohead fan, even enjoying some of their more recent “bleeps and bloops” albums like Amnesiac quite a bit.

I sampled a few of the 10 second clips from Thom Yorke’s new solo album, The Eraser, on iTunes Music Store but I couldn’t really get a feel for the album (or even the individual songs) from the short clips.

Has anyone else had a listen to the whole album? How is it? And how is it compared to more recent Radiohead?

I’ve heard the title track and it was pretty kickass. Unforunately the reviews seem to be all over the board. A couple I read in local newspapers gave it 4 out of 4 stars while Pitchfork (say what you want, I usually put faith in their reviews) gave it a 6.6.

In any case, I’ll be getting this one tomorrow as I am also a huge Radiohead fan.

Yeah, for fans of Kid A and Amnesiac this is a great album. I’ll recommend it on the strength of the first four tracks alone with the title track, The Eraser, a particular standout.

It has a much smaller sound and it is intensely electronic but I dont know, you marry those kinds of sounds with Yorke’s voice and it just sounds great.

Yorke’s voice is a highlight, and the decision to use light processing and no reverb on it was a good one.

I think “Atoms for Peace” is my favorite track, probably partly because its (mock?) optimism is such a sharp contrast to most of Radiohead’s catalog.

As long as you don’t expect Radiohead-level layers of sound, you shouldn’t be too disappointed with this. Kid A is one of my favorite albums, and this has alot of the same sound to it, but scaled back in complexity. I give it a recommend.