Thomas Was Alone

Great jumping quadralaterals! I’m way behind on this one, but given that I can’t find another thread discussing it, so is everyone else.

And it deserves its own thread. It’s not a long game, but that’s not the point. This game is utterly charming. If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer and you’ll get a sense for what’s so special about it.

Arresting story, nice levels, actually very cool visuals. AWESOME music (where is all this fantastic music in indie games coming from!?).

And narration that–dare I say it?–gives Bastion a run for its money.

I highly recommend this sweet little game.

Agreed on all counts – I think this is my favorite indie game of 2012. Giant Bomb has a quick look up at

It’s easily worth the price of admission if you like Lost Vikings-style 2d platformers.

If it weren’t for the gravity it would look like some 21st-century sequel to Atari 2600 Adventure.

I kept waiting for the square to grab the key and run from the dragon. The dragon never appeared. I got bored and went to google news to see how many Samsung execs jumped to their deaths today. Those Koreans are bad-ass, not only are they not committing suicide, they are fighting back! I think I’m a bit off topic now…

loved the video :) The music sounds great and it might be one of the best narrations in a video game? Thanks for the heads-up Nightgaunt.

I’m going to keep being the evangelist here. This is now on Steam (good call, Valve!) for PC and Mac, with the typical 10% launch discount. Get it now for $9!

I thought this was a good game let down by annoying level design in places. Forcing the player to repeat long jumping sections with different characters was annoying, especially when it involved fiddly repositioning of two or three sets of characters to allow the one with the weakest jump to progress. I don’t know, it just never grabbed me like I hoped it would.

Resurrecting this thread as I just finished this after picking it up in the Humble Bundle (still ongoing, by the way) and was curious what people thought about it. It looks like it hasn’t had much run with people here, which is a bit of a shame. It’s a good little game, quite charming, appealing aesthetic, and for the most part the mechanics are very solid. It’s not mind-blowing or anything (and definitely not difficult, although very occasionally tedious as krayzkrok pointed out), but it’s enjoyable and certainly worth a look.

I got it through PSN PLUS, but have yet to try it out - Thanks for reminding me!

This guy won’t shut up about it.

I was looking for a light little game to play between the larger releases looming largely over the next month or so, and this one caught my eye. I realize I’m something like six years behind on it but what the heck, better late than never right? In this case, yes definitely. I really enjoyed this one, had some light platforming and puzzle solving, with using the little team of block/AI constructs to get through each of the individual levels. It is mainly pretty easy, I didn’t find the challenge to really ramp up until the 10th and 11th sequences - and that was mainly just the jetpacking through corridors of spikes. Gave me VVVVV and Super Meat Boy flashbacks. Lots of fun overall though!

Funny, I started this last night on a whim thanks to an XGP quest. And yeah, nice and playable until the end where you need to up your puzzle solving game to get through. It’s more about the order and positioning of all of your units rather than the jumps. A fun quick game.