Thor 4, or, What We Do In Space... Shadows


I mean that seemed the obvious choice, if there was going to be a Thor 4.

A part of me was hoping that Avengers 4 was the end of this universe, and we could start over on new stories with these characters, and not necessarily have continuity with this story.

That’s still possible here, I suppose.

I’m conflicted. On the one hand I truly had a good time with Ragnarok. On the other hand, I could go on for hours about how it’s not a very good movie, and not a good Thor movie in particular.

Without going off on a lengthy rant, my concern is that Thor 4 will be the Teen Titans Go to the Movies of the MCU, i.e. fluffy meta fun but as deep and as sturdy as a piece of tissue paper. And that the actual MCU plotlines about Thor - you know about how his entire family and home world were completely destroyed - will be tossed aside in favor of more fat jokes, leaving the character without an actual resolution like Cap and Tony got.

I don’t remember the last Marvel movie I saw, maybe Winter Soldier, but if Waititi finds a role for Matt Berry in this movie I’ll be there opening night.

EXXXCELLENT. I looooved Ragnarok. He’s also doing this!

Which I am just silly excited about.

Oh I didn’t know the new Flash Gordon was going to be animated. Yeesh, so is Thor 4 like a 2023 film? I guess we’ll learn more at Marvel’s Comic-Con panel.

This is the best possible outcome for the franchise

I was hoping Waititi would direct a Korg and Miek spinoff movie.

I disagree that it’s “not a good movie”. I think it’s pretty damn special tbh. Ragnarok is a thing. I’m actually glad they followed through!

Thor has had an amazing arc in the MCU. I honestly don’t understand this comment. Just because Ragnarok was funny?

The scene with Thor and Rocket in Infinity War is still a tear jerker. His slide into depression is heart breaking. Yeah they make jokes, but there’s scenes where it has weight (no pun intended). Thor reuniting with his mother and getting his confidence back is touching.

He’s not going to hang it up and retire like Tony or Cap. He’s an immortal Asgardian, starting a new chapter of his life. Hemsworth said he’d play the character as long as they’ll let him, so I say let him do it.

Agreed. Ragnarok is the only Thor movie i truly like, and will watch again.

Now saying they glossed over the trauma a bit in Avengers is true, but necessary. Plus they did have it inform his character a lot.

Right. Hemsworth is awesome in the role. I am not ready for him to move aside for a female Thor just yet. Ragnarok is a death in order to start new life and while they’ve got their place on Earth now, there’s nothing to say they can’t rebuild Asgard all over again. Their tech is damn near like magic anyway, hence they look like Gods to us.

I really like the first Thor movie and the second one is fine IMO. The character has been through a ton and his arc is probably the longest and most interesting overall because he’s had so much up and down. Putting him with the Guardians was a great choice to get him back on his feet.

Best scene in Endgame, if you ask me (and I know you didn’t!).

So…introducing Beta Ray Bill in the next one?

I think he will be in Guardians first if he appears.

It’s actually possible at this point that Thor 4 could be released before GotG 3. Given what we know about Gunn’s schedule for Suicide Squad 2 and Waititi’s Akira project for 2021 getting dropped, either Marvel film could potentially hit in 2021 at the earliest. Or both that year!

So I assume Marvel’s going to make sure Waititi and Gunn don’t step on each other’s toes. Will the Guardians be there if Thor 4 drops first, or will Thor be in Guardians 3, or will they both just write out the other with a quick joke and tell their own stories? Who knows? But I’m excited.

I believe he has Flash Gordon before Thor 4, though that’s not clear.

I think Ragnarok took what would normally be a very depressing concept (all of Asgard destroyed) and made it palatable via humor. A serious take on that movie would have been BvS levels of drama.

I get where you’re coming from. Ragnarok is hilarious and I had a great time and I would argue it’s still a good movie, but I also have some concerns about its treatment of the character.

Loki and Thor’s relationship is the only plot point established prior to Ragnarok that has any real continuity through Ragnarok, give or take the brief denouement with Odin.

The Warriors Three are killed off, there’s no Selvig, Darcy, or Jane (though that’s probably Portman’s fault). We get a quick visit to Midgard and Thor ends the film as ruler of the people of Asgard by default, giving only a passing acknowledgement of elements that Thor was grappling with more directly in previous films.

To be fair to Ragnarok, it’s only in the handling of The Warriors Three that I think it borders on a glib treatment of what came before. The rest of what Ragnarok leaves behind isn’t about rewriting or discarding the past, those elements just aren’t a priority as new worlds, characters, and threats are introduced.

And those new characters are great, those worlds are cool, the action is fun, but Thor’s personal arc is largely put on hold for Ragnarok.

Tragic/comedic fat Thor wasn’t an inevitability at that point, so you can’t blame that specifically on Ragnarok, but when @Wallapuctus defends Thor as having a strong arc in the MCU, it’s notable that his defense is all about things that happen before or after Ragnarok.

So I’m a little nervous about where he goes from here. But it could still be great. It felt like Infinity War and Endgame treated Ragnarok as a significant turning point for the character, but it’s not clear if that was quite as obvious during Ragnarok itself. They brought a little more emotional weight and reflection to Thor’s losses and his shift in purpose. Was that because Waititi just didn’t have time to get into that in Ragnarok? Did Waititi spend Ragnarok steering Thor into a journey he’ll be more comfortable fully exploring in Thor 4? Or did Waititi just run with what seemed fun at the time, the Russos honored that direction, and now Waititi takes us in a new direction again?

That’s what I’m curious/nervous about.