Thor 4, or, What We Do In Space... Shadows

Someone should’ve made a “Thour” joke by now.

That was pretty good.

Breaking Thor to fix him.

Or Th4r. Because.

Thor canonically is a Fortnite player, so.

Thor Fortnite Night?


This bothered me as well. I didn’t mind them ignoring the earth bound characters but they just disposed of the warriors Three as they didn’t matter.

The original Thor movies were so uninteresting and blah that I didn’t even recognize that they were the warrior three. They deserved better for sure, but Ragnarok had so much work to do to fix Thor. I gave them a pass a result.

I honestly thought that the Warriors Three were the weakest element of an already-weak first movie. The only joy I got out of them was the SHIELD agents’ dismissive description of them:

“We’ve got Xena, Jackie Chan, and Robin Hood walking down the road.”

That’s not the warrior 3 though righ?. Xena would be lady Sif. The three was the brit guy, the bearded guy, and the one that might be from an Asian country. I don’t even remember them being on Earth. I kind of remember them in the battle against elves, or maybe it was giant… those movies were so forgettable.

Well yeah that joke was about Sif and two of the three warriors in question.


Well yes but… heh.

What I meant was the scene you think was best for the Warrior Three doesn’t even have the three in it. Like how bad is that? I got the impression these guys were supposed to be impressive from folks who know anything about the comics.

All four (Sif and the Warriors Three) are walking together, the agent just makes a joke about three of them.

But anyway, Tin wasn’t defending them either, he was saying that joke was the best thing they contributed to the film. He’s on your side.

Well I didn’t intend to sound like I was actually arguing, so no sides. I am trying to remember anything about the warrior three from the movies, other than their… deaths. I just thought the deaths were cheap.

So you’re on my side! Take that Tin!

Hmm. I was never a Thor comics fan growing up, so I don’t know much about the “Warriors Three” beyond what’s in the movies. And I’ll admit to not having seen the first Thor movie multiple times (though I’m pretty sure I’ve got the BluRay somewhere), so when I wrote the above I honestly thought that Sif was one of the “three”…

[What I am is a pretty big reader of Norse/Germanic mythology, so one of the major things that annoyed me about the first movie was that the severely brunette Jamie Alexander played the goddess Sif, who literally has hair made from gold. But the black Heimdall didn’t bother me at all; go figure.]

Anyway, I just don’t remember the Warriors Three (plus Sif) adding too much to the movie. Thor was already a “fish out of water”, so bringing in a foursome of fantasy stereotypes to Earth just so they could nearly immediately get their asses kicked by the death robot seemed like a poor plotting choice.

It almost seemed like they wanted to make the movie an “ensemble” thing, but didn’t commit to the idea. We didn’t get much of a back-story for any of them, no real reason to care about what did or did not happen to them, and there was no character growth for any of them that I can recall. Meanwhile, they took screen-time away from Helmsworth and Portman… who really needed more time to brew up some chemistry. Any chemistry.

Everything Asgard was completely ridiculous and didn’t fit with anything else in the MCU. Destroying Asgard was one of the best moves they made. And they made Thor cool in the process, too!

I always felt the point of the deaths of the warriors three was to show just how cruel and powerful Hela was. These three were Thor’s comrades in arms and had survived countless battles against incredible foes. They were the cream of the crop and Asgard’s best warriors. Hela came in and swatted them flies.