Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Yeah, but that’s a single quick shot in the Thor trailer. Every shot with him would have to be edited in the IW trailer, and it would be a more difficult edit putting back a normal looking eye over the eye patch or whatever they shoot with for presumably not-in-action shots of Thor after the fact than just adding some lightning for the powered up shot in Ragnarok.

I mean I don’t have any inside info here, but I maintain it’s a reasonable guess.


Word on Hulk’s involvement had gotten out as early as January 2016.


I liked the whole Thor wound up paying Odin’s price for the knowledge of the true history of Asgard thing.Sucks about the eye though.


This whole discussion reminds me of Kingsman 2 where the marketing also revealed the return of a certain character contrary to the directors wishes.

Seems these kind of big surprises just arent possible in the movie landscape these days (apart from tiny cameos - eg the stage actors in Thor3)


For some reason that didn’t bug me either. I mean, Kingsman is so ridic (in the best way) it was kind of expected.


Hey Tim,

I agree but I just accepted that he loaded it with some special ‘asgardian’ ammo, verse standard M16 ammo. I accepted that conceit and was able to not get bothered too much by it. lol


Your no-prize is on its non-way.



That didn’t bother me, but I almost got REALLY bothered because it seemed for a minute that he would have unlimited ammo. Then his clips were emptied, and my nerd rage was quelled.


The greatest invention Stan Lee ever created was the no-prize.


I don’t watch trailers or pay attention to any movie/comic book discussion sites so I didn’t know the Hulk was in this movie until he showed up. I love Ruffalo and the Thor/Hulk stuff is great, but I’m not sure it’s a spoiler. Like, really? Another Marvel character showed up? Wow. What a shocker. At this point I’m never surprised when any of these guys show up in another movie because the whole thing is one giant movie to me, but I am happy to see them.

So yeah, I’m not sure it’s a big deal that the Hulk was in ads or whatever.


The Infinity War teaser showed Thor with both eyes functional when he meets the guardians and that almost certainly won’t be the case


Well, there goes that theory!


Really enjoyed watching this interview with Taika Waititi. You can clearly see that he’s a bit exhausted from the grind of the promotion tour, but he can’t help it and barely answers a question in a straight way after a few minutes of warm up.


There’s a difference between knowing that SOMEONE is going to show up, and knowing exactly WHO is going to show up. Judging by the reactions to the trailer, it was obviously a crowd favorite that specifically the Hulk showed up. And hey, it was a great moment in the trailer, but it undercut it being a great moment in the movie.


It really didn’t though. But hey, if this is the hill you wanna die on, be my guest.


Wait, hills? Dying? Hey, here’s a crazy idea, maybe this is just a discussion we have. That would be kinda nuts, wouldn’t it?

And maybe it’s not a zero sum game, the Hulk reveal. I agree with folks that seeing Hulk in the trailer made me more interested in the movie than I had been. But I think it probably would have also been pretty kickass to see Hulk pop up halfway through a movie might have casually watched at some point. Whoa!



I agree with @divedivedive and think that the hulk reveal would have had so much more of an impact on me during the movie. The trailer forever stole that surprise / elation


I don’t watch trailers, so I had no idea Hulk was in the movie. I wouldn’t have even realized it was him on the poster because he’s wearing a hat, and I never did anything more than glance at the poster. Unfortunately, Kellywand casually mentioned on the podcast that “the Hulk is in this one”. Which definitely diminished the impact of that scene.



Well, at least it wasn’t Eli Roth.