Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Loved the movie. Genuinely funny.

I would agree that showing the hulk ahead of time diminished the impact in the film. The champion, my champion… I know it is the Hulk movie, it has been in like 100 trailers.

Would have been a fun surprise, but it was ruined by the trailers.

Movie itself was awesome, felt loose and casual, they let Hemsworth be funny, Valkyrie was cool, Hela was a scenery chewing smokey eyed force, but in a fun way.

Loved it. Favorite Marvel movie since GOTG 2.


I had managed to not see any of the trailers and I was actually thinking that the champion would be Champion who in the comics is one of the Elders of the Universe. had the Thor Visionaires: Simonson e-copies on dirt cheap and I picked them up as well.


I somehow managed to go into Predator blind all those years ago. I thought it was just another Arnold military action movie (I rented it), and wen a fucking alien showed up it blew my mind.

Same thing with From Dusk Til Dawn. It was on cable, I caught it like 10 minutes into the movie. I thought it was just another Tarantino crime movie with overwrought dialogue. Then fucking vampires attacked and I was stunned, and so happy.

It would have been good to get surprised by Hulk, but I don’t know how you do that with a movie this high profile.


Wow that’s big talk, Jon. You’re telling us that it’s your absolute favorite of…two movies?



I remember the '80s. “Hey, I hear they’re doing a remake of The Fly. Let’s go see it!” Then you go in, having seen maybe one poster for the movie and thinking it’s a straight-up remake of the original: “HOLY SHIT!” God bless Cronenberg!


It’s his favorite marvel movie since the last marvel movie!


I predict Black Panther will be my favorite Marvel movie since Ragnarok.



Black Panther does’t look very humorous at all, but it does look incredibly awesome… and different.


TO be fair GOTG 2 was my favorite since GOTG 1


I kind of want to disagree with you, because there have been any number of very good films, but ultimately I think I’m going to join you here.

The whimsical sci fi adventure through absolutely absurd locales? Very, very, VERY much my thing.




The Willy Wonka call-out sealed it.


Generally loved the movie, but had a few points of annoyance:

Hulk’s…sentience? The banter was often funny, and sometimes even cute(Hey little girl), but this felt way too far out of character for me. I get that it’s hard to cast a rage-monster as a part of a team, but that’s supposed to be the characters flaw - it’d be like if superman only got a mild rash from kryptonite now. And maybe that’s the thing, because i think you could do this movie with Hulk, the rage monster, but it’d be far less funny and way more dramatic. For instance, lets say if Hulk was being captured/contained/controlled by force-fields, and that is why he’s been Hulk for two years, because the only time he gets out of the hulk-sized bubble of a force field prison is when he gets put into the arena(where the stands are protected by the same force energy), and so Hulk is absolutely near ape-shit mad whenever he is released.
Thor incapacitated by electricity?
Campiness of some of the costumes and sets - that valkyrie costume could’ve been right at home in west’s batman

Still, these are just little nitpicks mostly


The Hulk has actually generally not been written as an out-of-control rage monster. That was really only the characterization in the 1970s, around the time of Lou Ferrigno TV show, so it has over-weighted prominence in pop culture. In the 60s Hulk was initially more of a Jekyll/Hyde character, and for most of the time since 1982 or so he’s been written as intelligent, although changing characterization has become part of his schtick.


But isn’t how he’s written in the context of the Marvel movies? That’s what seemed out of place to me. I don’t doubt there are comics versions of Hulk that are perfectly consistent with Thor 3 – Planet Hulk, I presume – but this didn’t seem like the Hulk from the Joss Whedon movies.



It could be that we normally see Hulk in the movies immediately upon his change, and his changing back to Bruce after a period of Hulk Smash. Maybe he’s angry partly from being suppressed all the time.

Perhaps if he stayed longer in Hulk form he has more time to adjust to a new baseline but does not revert onto Bruce, he is more stable and less of a rage monster.


I don’t know the right words, this movie is a “Home run”, when the dude in the thing kick the ball and the ball fly outside the field, so is win for the team.

They really made a hilarious intense movie. Bravo!.


I always knew Tei was really Tom in disguise. :)


Go sporting team!