Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Saw it last weekend. Certainly funny, and fun, if a bit frivolous feeling.

Nerd question, though: I don’t recall EVER seeing anything actually penetrate Hulk’s skin. Hulk is pretty much, by definition, unbeatable, because the madder he gets the tougher and stronger he gets. But Fenris’ teeth actually penetrate Hulk’s skin–you see green blood flowing. Anyone recall previous examples?


IIRC, Hulk can be cut, but heals super-fast. Angrier=faster. Lack of blood in the 60’s to 80’s comics is probably due to the Comics Code back in the day.


Wolverine has managed to cut/impale/stab Hulk IIRC.


Saw this last night for my birthday and I am utterly in love. This is precisely what I want and desperately need a comic book movie to be. @ChristienMurawski Thor: Ragnarok is the best thing evar.

Well, except maybe Guardians of the Galaxy 1.

Also, minor self-brag, but the rock gladiator? That guy was definitely just straight up an NPC from one of the RPGs I run.


That character was very well done. It could have gone south so quickly, but they skated the line perfectly with him.


That guy was the director doing a particular NZ accent.


Nice. Kinda reminded me of Summer Heights High, which I watched a few episodes of a loooooong time ago, maybe it was just the accent.


I watched the credits specifically to see if that was Ricky Gervais or not.


I think someone linked this upthread, but here’s a great Taika Waititi inverview. At some point he talks about that character and the accent.


Just saw it tonight with Mrs Kub.

A fantastic popcorn superhero movie.


I was sure it was Rhys Darby.


In another way, this signal the end of heroe movies.


Yeah, that’s who I had assumed it was as well.



I’m going to assume that was some Teiman/Ragnarok humor.


Nah, I think we have seen enough of the pure strain super-heroes movies. Everything from now to have a meaningful effect must be taken from a different angle. Humour+Adventure here.

Or maybe I am wrong, and seriusly cool and gritty serius well made batman movies await us. I don’t think so.


Didn’t we get enough of that in the 90s?


After seeing Deadpool when it came out, and not enjoying the movie much because all the best parts were in the trailers, I waited 2 weeks before deciding to see this Thor movie. I was afraid it would be a waste of money, and I was right, the trailers gave away the best parts of the film again; the Hulk was the mystery warrior, which the film played up in the first 30 minutes, so it was really dumb, I already knew that. And I knew Thor’s reaction, etc from the trailers. I liked the first Thor film, and the 2nd was ok. This one was like a clever joke that I already knew the punchline for.


I actually think in a twisted way that’s his point. The campier the Batman movies became in the 90s, the shittier they got, until Batman vs Robin killed them dead. Thankfully Nolan was able to resurrect it again by restoring the integrity of the story and characters.

I enjoyed Ragnarok, but I worry that something similar could happen if they start going the route of “not taking themselves too seriously” and “just having fun like a comic book!”. Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy are a bit of an anomaly, and I don’t think that level of humor necessarily suits the other movies. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed the humor in the other Avenger movies, but Ragnarok definitely moves beyond comic relief to the point where I thought it was bordering on jokey and slapstick.

The best part of the movie for me anyway was simply the Thor / Odin / Loki story. I felt more could have been done with that along with Hela’s part to add a bit more emotion and drama to the film. Unfortunately it took a back seat (or rather, was being dragged behind the car on its leash) to the rest of the action and comedy.

It was still a good movie though.


Saw it yesterday after having to wait on the kids to take them. Not too much to add that hasn’t already been said, but I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t as ‘comedic’ as I’d expected, but it certainly had more comedy front and center than the rest of the MCU except for GoGs, I hadn’t heard about Loki’s play at the beginning and got a huge kick out of that.

I thought the fight scenes were well done. Like, the thing I actually enjoyed about MoS back in the day was SM using his powers to just wail on the baddies rather than just stopping trains/planes/automobiles. And since Thor is, well, Thor, the fights here carried a proper amount of weight and power. MCU has been pretty good in this respect anyway, but I guess I wasn’t expecting the action to be quite so strong since everything focused on the comedy pre-release (and post for that matter).

A Sif-Level ‘You Go Girl’ from me.