Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Possibly this is just me, but the writing in this press release* makes me want to stab someone.

  • And, indeed, everything about TV/movies and the ridiculous celebrity worship contained therein.


I enjoyed the first Thor movie quite a bit. I haven’t revisited it since its release though, so I’m not sure how it holds up in comparison to others, but a lot of it was held up by both Hemsworth and Hiddleston’s performances, and the portrayal of Asgard was nicely done. I probably liked it more than the first Captain America movie (though certainly not the second two), the Iron Man movies (possibly not the third one, which I enjoyed a lot), and the Hulk movies (both of which were pretty poor).

The second Thor movie was disappointing though, I mean Hemsworth and Hiddleston made it watchable, but I was getting pretty bored towards the end.

But hey, my opinion on these things usually a little left of centre anyway. I know liking the first Thor movie isn’t particularly hip, but I don’t care. :)

Am I looking forward to the third movie? Not particularly, it has to be said, but that may be due to comic book movie burn out. I mean, if it’s going to be as good as the last couple of Captain America movies then sure, but that’s a high bar.


I did like Loki, naturally, but I thought Thor was a fun character too. Wasn’t his fault Loki has twice the charisma. I didn’t like the techno-Asgard setting, the supporting faux-Norse characters or pretty much anything about the stories, though.


Y’all mentioned Blanchett and her reprising her LoTR role, but no one caught Karl Urban apparently getting back to his roots in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’? Awesome, can’t wait.


A nice cast list but I’ll be on hold still for this one. Found the first two Thor’s to be forgettable and pretty dull for the most part besides Loki. At least they arn’t using Portman again who seemed miscast to me(zero chemistry with Hemsworth).


Loved the first Thor movie - found the second one rather unforgettable, but yeah, they are better than Ironman to me as well. Looking forward to more Thor.


Liking the first Thor movie is uncool? Well give me a wedgie and take my lunch money, because that was a hell of a fun flick.


I guess I will be needing a wedgie too. I welcome another Thor flick - all good fun.


Here’s your first official image:


That looks more Guardians of the Galaxy than Thor.


Hah, I like the “Yes, that’s Cate Blanchett” bit. I knew that’s who she was, but you’d be forgiven for not recognizing her, or maybe thinking it’s Liv Tyler.


More photos here:


It’s funny you say that, as the rumor is this is going to be taking on aspects of the Planet Hulk story line.


I’m in for sure because of the Hulk and Dr. Strange being included, but I’m drawing a blank on how that could possibly look worse. Everything in those pictures is wretched.


EWs superhero story photos always look awful. They use a ton of lighting and everything is overbright, compared to how the stuff is supposed to be seen (lighting done on set). Many movie props, costumes, and makeup look awful when seen with flat, direct lighting.


Yeah, that’s true


I liked the colorful teaser:

Take equal parts Guardians of the Galaxy trailers, the Flash Gordon (1980) movie, and that old Flash video with the Viking kitties. Immerse in mead, honey, and plunder. Add a quirked eyebrow for Jeff Goldblum and an absinthe ice ball for the Hulk (pictured here) and Doctor Strange (not pictured here). Mix well.




In fer sure!


Thor 1: the least interesting to me of the Marvel films. Largely because it was just too brown. It looked like Gears of Thor.
Thor 2: much better visually, even if the ending is completely forgettable. But I am always for more Asgard, and it was nice to see Zachary Levy getting work post Chuck.
Thor 3: Ok, we’re getting somewhere interesting.