Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Sold. I love that they’re leaning into Hemsworth’s comedy chops.


This looks brilliant. “YES!”


I’d like to think his time with the Avengers caused Thor to stop taking himself so seriously.


That was amazing.


It certainly looks like Marvel may have learned some lessons from GotG and from the negative feedback on the second Thor movie. Color me cautiously optimistic!


He stood alone at Gjallerbru.


ya this trailer certainly had a huge GotG vibe.


Totally looking forward to this.


That’s pretty great. I liked Thor in the Avengers movies, but his own movies have left me cold. This one looks way better.


The story of the Gjallerbru and the god who defended it is whispered across the nine worlds…

If that moment is even half as good as it was in the comics, I’ll be thrilled.


Using the Immigrant Song is an epic win.


I am delighted that Hela’s Krazy Kirby headgear is one of the highlights of the trailer.


I’ve been up for this since they announced that Taika Waititi is directing - and the trailer did not disapppoint. Not sure about Jeff Goldblum though.


Trailer looks amazing!

Punching me in the face with '80s visual design is a bit of a disconnect with Immigrant Song, but I’ll survive.


You have to admit though, The Immigrant Song is pretty much tailor made for this movie.


My roommate thought the music was copying the Wonder Woman theme.

Which was pretty hard to wrap my head around, even reminding myself that he was born and raised in India and only moved to the United States in college. I guess Led Zeppelin isn’t quite as universal as I imagined. But if I sort of squint* I can put together how the Wonder Woman theme riff sort of sounds like the screaming on Immigrant Song. Sort of.

*you can squint your ears, right?


The song is obviously not ripping off the WW theme. But I will give your roommate a nod for the choice of using Immigrant Song in the Thor trailer, in such close proximity to the WW theme being introduced, does set off a few bells.


Wonder Woman is just a copy of Thor anyway. God alien from mythology sent to Earth, magic weapon, super strength. Come on DC.


Hel(l) if it’s 1/4th as awesome I will be thrilled.


So I’ve read Waititi’s influences for this are Midnight Run and Withnail and I - he just needs to drop some Zapped! references and he’s on a winner!