Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Pfft. Both of them are just lame copies of the original!


speaking of Wonder Woman… Batman watches Thor Trailer


That was funny but what’s even better are all the DC and Marvel fan boys duking it out in the youtube comment section. Man, some people take their comic book allegiances rather seriously. And then some are at a psychopathic level.


The real throwdown was when the report came out that DC and Whedon might team up for a Batgirl movie. Talk about some spinning heads!


People need something to give their life meaning.

In the old days, it was what kind of sky cake you’d get once you shuffled off your mortal coil. Which divine parent figure you’d get to spend time with…

These days? Marvel vs DC! Consoles vs PC! XBox vs PS4! etc… I guess the body count is still lower, I shudder to think of the great Marvel vs DC 2030 War and how DC will be forced to give up Batman in war reparations (you guys know that’s how it’ll go down)…


New full trailer from SDCC:


Well that looks like jolly good fun.


You lose some (Spider-Man: Homecoming movie poster), you win some:


OK Thor bores me to tears, but I might have to catch this one.


I actually enjoyed the first Thor a lot and the second a bit. This looks like it turns it all up to 11. I cannot wait.

Talking Hulk? About time.


I liked the second much more than the first. The first was, imo, the worst Marvel film.


Never saw the second one. I’m assuming it’s not critical that I see it before watching this, won’t be totally in the dark? Looks like it kind of picks up from where Age of Ultron left off as much as anything else, and I did see that.


Here’s a spoiler for Thor 2 that’s mostly unrelated to the main events of the film, but may or may not set up things in Ragnarok:

Loki is believed to have died helping Thor earlier in the film. The closing scene is in the throne room with Odin giving Thor a nice compassionate speech about stuff, and then after Thor leaves (there’s no one else there), Loki lets the illusion drop, revealing that it’s him on the throne now, presumably ruling Asgard in disguise as Odin. We don’t know where Odin actually is.


Loving the Flash Gordon vibe. I am all in.


My interest level went from “Netflix” to “Premiere Weekend” with that preview. Nice.


I feel that trailer revealed way too much and I regret watching it. There were at least two big reveals that would have been epic to see in the theatre.


I’m not going to watch that preview. I hope it doesn’t hit TV but I know it will. These movies are so much better when you know as little as possible going in. Then it’s all surprises!


So that’s Karl Urban playing the hmm, what’s his name, the Asgardian who is a bad guy who later decides to be a good guy and ends up sacrificing himself to hold off the hordes?


Well, dayum?


Friend of mine caught it. She said:

So, Thor. It was pretty ridiculous and fun. It was stylish and certain shots just looked like they were from a comic book panel. They went all out funny/comedy rather than dour. So very fun but ultimately a bit empty. You don’t really have any emotional reaction to anything that happens in the final act.