Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Caught an advance screening and had an absolutely great time. Really has Taika Waititi’s handwriting over it, and the trailer certainly does not contain all the funny parts. The previous Thor movies took itself way too seriously. This one doesn’t.


Feh, whatever, I didn’t have a lot of emotional attachment to Flash Gordon either and I still love the shit out of that.


Also, there’s a blink-and-you-miss-it nod to Doom in this.


I don’t really get “no emotional reaction” in that sentence - like, not even joy? I watch a lot of movies that give me an emotional reaction, and it’s not always a good thing, either.


True. I’m still pissed that I paid money to watch The English Patient.


Which is?


I’m rewatching Thor: The Dark World right now, and man, is it mediocre. The new one looks a lot more fun.


When Skurge (Karl Urban) has his hero moment at the end, he jumps out of the spaceship and lands on something that is–I don’t remember the details–a rock, pylon or pile of bodies on which he stands while firing at the undead creatures that crawl up towards them. It’s really obscure and only on the screen for like two seconds, but despite Skurge dual-wielding in that moment, I thought the nod to the classic Doom cover image was pretty clear with Karl Urban having been the main protagonist of the Doom movie. Anyway, that’s my take on that.


This might very well be the most entertaining movie I’ve seen in decades fwiw.


In General: Huh, giving Thor the Guardians of the Galaxy treatment worked really, really well. A lot better than I expected.

The Good: The soundtrack and general art design. Amazing.

The Bad: The funny comments and banter comes on schedule, like explosions in a Michael Bay movie. Feels a bit too polished at times.

The Surprising: The stage play in Asgard. Sam Neill, Luke Hemsworth and Matt Damon. I could watch an entire move about them playing actors playing Odin, Thor and Loki.


Thanks! I didn’t catch that!


Saw it today. Might be my favourite marvel film yet? Probably tied with Guardians 1 and Winter Soldier. Had stupid smile on my face for majority of the running time. The cast was just so good, the chemistry between them, Thor, Loki, Hulk, Valkyrie…just perfection. Idris Elba was channeling his inner Geralt here, also fun to see, Goldblum was a joy, and god damn I never knew Cate Blanchett could be so sexy. She was fantastic in this, even if her story was kinda cliched. But I loved the resolution with the callback to the beginning of the film.

Just outstanding job Waititi. Marvel has really good nose for directors.

Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)

Oh you’re talking about a way different Doom than I thought.


This was fun, but it got off to a rocky start. Well, the very beginning was awesome, but the rest of the first act was uneven.

Also, what was up with that truly awful green screened scene? It’s hard to miss. I suspect that scene was changed late in production as it included a moment that we already saw change between the first and later trailers. I wonder what made them change it though, because it was really, really bad looking. Overall this felt like a lower budget Marvel film when it came to production and effects, and maybe that’s what Thor gets for being the weaker franchise all along, but that was disappointing.

The movie builds and gets more fun as it goes, so by the end I came out with a good impression of it, but it’s still Marvel’s weakest since Dr. Strange.

You know those slow motion scenes in the trailer with the valkyries flying down toward Hela? That looked gorgeous in the trailer, and it looked gorgeous on the big screen. Like some kind of badass fantasy painting come to life. There were a couple other moments that had that look, and they were truly awesome.

And it’s usually lame when a film revisits the same song twice, but I’ll give them a pass when it’s that awesome.

Not really related: I remain a Thor 2 apologist. It had the lamest villain, and too much Portman (any Portman is too much, really). And I know the director said it was hell to make it, he really didn’t fit with Marvel’s controlling style. But man, that was the best directed of the three. The style Taika Waititi brought to Ragnarok was appreciated, but as far as just making a good looking film, Thor 2 was the best by a wide margin.


I am seeing it this weekend with my family, including my nephew, 8. I assume the scary stuff is about the same as other marvel movies so he should be fine?


There’s a dude who gets impaled. It’s a quick scene during a battle, like “woosh!”, but it’s there. The villain also kills quite a number of soldiers, but that’s your average Marvel mass fight. Think of TR as a fun romp like Guardians of the Galaxy. Way more levity than the other Thor movies.


When she got all gothy as Galadriel I was in love.


I’ll keep this vague but spoiler tag it to be extra careful. There’s one thing I think might freak out an 8 year old. Might not, I don’t know, it’s been a while since I was 8.

A character receives a pretty significant and permanent injury. It’s not graphically depicted, but I’ve heard some kids are alarmed by that, seeing something that doesn’t get shrugged off.


I also took Urban’s last stand as a nod to old doom. Really great. I loved the nod to the Norton movie. Wonder what other references I missed.


What was the nod to the Norton movie?

I assume that was supposed to be Fin Fang Foom that was dispatched early in the film.

And this was in the trailers, but the Grandmaster’s tower had monuments to the previous champions of his arena which included Beta Ray Bill, Man Thing, Ares, and, uh…someone else I wasn’t familiar with.