Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Friend of mine took 9 year old son who loved it. But every kid is different so YMMV.


Banner jumping from the flyer to save the day.


Oh, that happens a bunch in the comics too, I don’t know if I’d say that’s specifically referencing the earlier movie. Almost SOP for deploying the Hulk.


I didn’t know that, but I guess many people don’t so I’ll stick with thinking it was making a joke about the other movie :)


Just saw it this morning and liked it quite a bit. Definitely the best Thor movie, probably in the top 1/3 of Marvel movies (though at the very bottom of that third). The middle is too long, a good 10-15 minutes could’ve been cut from Sakaar because that section really started to drag for me. But Cate was fantastic and just downright sexy as hell in that costume.


This movie Ragnarocked my world.


Saw it last night, and worth every penny of a fun ride

(That’s really only about $8.50 for super fancy 3D IMAX at the high end theater with proper restaurant)


A bunch of fun, great use of other MCU characters and a few of the Planet Hulk characters.


I have a friend who is a huge marvel fanboy and even reads the comics and he didn’t like it. He found the humor “cringey” and Goldblum especially terrible.

I wanted to slap him.


I think there was maybe like, 15% too much Goldblum. He was hilarious, but I was hoping he’d be a little more alien-weird, and a little less dorky-weird.

I also think that for as much as this was improved by the humor, and the shakeup of the cast and locations, it still didn’t find a way to make anything character driven or ultimately meaningful. The relationship between Thor and Loki lends heart and meaning to every film it affects, and I appreciate what we got of that here, but it’s that much more of a shame that they couldn’t do a better job weaving Hela into the tragedy of this messed up cosmic family. She looks like she’s having fun, but there’s none of the nuance or pathos of Loki’s schemes and motivations.

For all the similarities in style to the GotG movies, look how much better those handled the team dynamics and especially the family dynamics in Vol. 2. Everyone in Ragnarok gets good banter and funny lines, but there’s no depth to any of it, even the Banner/Thor relationship is hardly strengthened or fleshed out. Banner has a little bit of a personal crisis with identity and the risk of giving control to the Hulk, but Thor’s basically still just using him the whole time. Not in a cruel way, and arguably it’s right call, but it’s not very interesting.

The comedy and the action were enough for me to have a great time. But I still don’t think the Thor franchise has been “redeemed”, or that this reinvention addresses the core problem of giving Thor himself enough dimensions to be as interesting as Steve Rogers or Tony Stark.

And I’m predicting everyone on the podcast will be pretty down it too.


I actually can understand it from a huge Marvel fanboy POV. Stuff’s happening that’s “important”. That has “weight”. Pathos.

Important characters have dramatic changes. The universe changes in major ways. The movie is comic bookie AF. The imagery you might have waited your whole life to see something like that in the cinema.

And it’s all “undercut” by being far more towards the comedy side than any previous Marvel movie (debatably). I can see how someone who takes it “seriously” would be bummed at the movie treating this part of the Marvel universe as sort of a joke.

It certainly worked for me though, and Thor was already far more towards the comedic side than any other Avenger.


But that’s the thing, for me the serious moments in this film (visions of Odin, destruction of Asgard etc) worked just as well as the comedy stuff…it wasn’t undercut by it.
I think he just isn’t compatible with Waititi’s sense of humor and with Goldblum. And probably wanted to see Planet Hulk made into its own movie.


Really? I leaned over to my friend during the movie to say “this is the most comic-booky Marvel movie yet” and got a nod of agreement. This felt like straight-up '70s and '80s comic book storytelling from back when they were printed on newsprint and didn’t pretend to be art.


Just came back from it. Loved it to pieces, one of the strongest Marvel movies in ages. Probably in my top five, even.


My daughter and I just saw it. Thumbs up.

Edit: I do wish it would have be out in the Atmos format. Bladerunner got me hooked.


What a crazy movie. I don’t think something like this could have worked out so well early on in the Marvel movie history. This is geekiness dialed to 11, yet we are so well entrenched/trained in the Marvel universe now that even my wife still liked it (she enjoys most of the Marvel movies, but is far from “geek” - and I’m fairly certain she would have hated it back in the pre-Ironman 1 days).


I just love that the villain was basically “the Jeff Goldblum archetype.” If they’d cast anyone else in that part, it would have had to be rewritten. This is basically like “if you gave Jeff Goldblum a planet and an army, this is the villain he would become.”


Just came back from the movie. It was pretty great. She’s got to be one of the better villains out there in the Marvel verse, like her motive and her approach was believable. There were a lot of laughs. The audience was quite engage with every joke. They did a great job. I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list but I know a few people who are putting it there, and it makes sense why they are.


I agree with everyone else’s general feelings – easily the best Thor movie (low bar to be sure), but not the best Marvel movie.

I did enjoy the “Cosmic” sections of the film in Shakar, mostly for the same reasons I like all the Guardians stuff: excessively weird crap happens 24/7 and no one ever bats an eye. You meet a sentient monster make entirely of rocks? Eh, that’s just Tuesday. I really wish we could have gotten the “Planet Hulk” movie though.

Honestly, there was only one thing that kind of bugged me about the whole thing, and it’s a tiny, stupid thing to be annoyed at:

Not really a spoiler, but...

Everyone uses magic hammers and conjured blades and knives made from dragon-teeth and whatnot to fight with, even though they are in a sci-fi adventure with laser-beams and teleportation and all that jazz. That’s FINE, I’m good with that - everyone’s armor can withstand whatever because of the whatsists, so sword-fighting is the only way to do damage; let’s call it the 40K effect. Again, I’m fine with that. Except…

… in this movie the most powerful weapon shown is Mjölnir. It allows Thor to wipe through legions of demon-critters and other bad guys. The SECOND most powerful weapon in the movie? A pair of old Vietnam-era M16 rifles, which mow down a regiment of undead Asgardians as if they were… well… human.


Maybe they’re +5 M16s vs undead?