Thor: Ragnarok (2017)


Yeah, I was more likely to see it. But given the choice between “more likely to see it, and thought it was really good” and “less likely to see it, but HOLY CRAP I can’t believe they pulled that off!”, I would rather have the second experience. You only have one chance to surprise people.

I can think of plenty of movies where some major reveal would have made the opening-day crowds bigger, but ultimately would have lessened the impact of the surprise. Like I said, I don’t think you can absolutely say one way or the other, but obviously the publicists chose the way they did for a reason.


I won’t argue with that, but you know what else you only get one shot at, butts in the seats at the theater. This movie exceeded expectations in terms of what it is bringing in, and I suspect that is a combination of good trailers and word of mouth.


And for the record, I think that the preview for Star Wars Episode IX should be a black starfield playing the Star Wars theme for two minutes, then “STAR WARS: THE WHATEVER WHATEVER” at the end. Make it a complete mystery. Drive people crazy. I mean, I know it will never happen, but I can dream!


But imagine the word of mouth if it wasn’t revealed ahead of time! It could be a long-tail movie, a la The Sixth Sense!


But it also wouldn’t have been the kind of secret that survived opening night anyway. Everybody would have been all, You won’t believe who shows up in the new Thor movie! So probably kind of a pipe dream anyway.


Yeah but I’m kind of a nerd. Hearing from other nerds that a mainstream movie is good or bad is a worth a grain of salt, although it will certainly influence my behavior. Hearing from my mom that the new Thor movie looks good and wondering if it’s age appropriate for my nephew is far more promising. I already wanted to go. Hearing my family wanted to go too without my convincing them… that’s awesome.

She actually wants to see it again, after she watches a few other movies. She can’t keep track of the characters.


Yeah, and I sat next to my daughter opening night, which wouldn’t have happened if the Hulk reveal wasn’t done in advance. (Every time I talked about going to see the new Thor movie, she would say, “You mispronounced ‘Hulk’!”) But still, I wish it would have been a surprise. Same with Spider-Man in Civil War.

And yeah, some surprises don’t survive opening night. But if something really cool is spoiled for you because you didn’t go opening weekend, won’t you be that much more likely to go on opening weekend for the next movie?? So you get the best of both worlds: You get the opening-night crowd who wants to be the first to be surprised, and you get the bigger crowds later once they hear about the secrets.


I hear yeah. They don’t have to do as many reveals with Avengers or Guardians or Infinity wars, but Thor was struggling on his own. I think they needed to put a booster in there and show this is not another too serious and kind of sappy adventure from a superhero that’s really cool in a group but for some reason stumbles solo.

Maybe the next ones, how many are there now in the future, they won’t have to spoil.

Also the one hero “extra” hero in there, had no idea that was going to happen.


I’m reeeeeeeally hoping that they have some big surprises hidden away for Infinity War. Given that they redacted the title to the following Avengers movie, I’m hoping it will be a big surprise.


I don’t know what there is to surprise us with. Which I guess is ideal if they do have a surprise or two up their sleeve, but I’m already assuming basically everyone will be in it other than the TV characters. And Natalie Portman, I guess.


“Avengers Vs. The Uncanny X-Men”

You heard it here first.


Speaking of Infinity War, it’s weird there wasn’t a trailer for it in front of Thor, right? They screened a trailer at Comic Con, apparently but never released it. I guess they’re waiting for Star Wars?


I developed a theory on that after seeing Ragnarok: they didn’t want to spoil that Thor loses an eye, as I presume Thor doesn’t just wear sunglasses for all of Infinity War.


Good a theory as any. I’ll buy it.


I know this shared universe has never been done before, but I imagine it would be like showing a trailer for Return of the Jedi before The Empire Strikes Back. I think the trailers are going to leapfrog each other: Star Wars trailer before Marvel, Marvel trailer before Star Wars. It would seem weird to have a trailer for the next movie starring Thor and the Hulk before the current movie starring Thor and the Hulk.


Disney owning Marvel was a huge payoff here. Hela was basically Maleficient, who is the best movie villianess ever. And they could rip her off as much as they wanted.


Not even until then. The aforementioned contracts and all. The mere fact Mark Ruffalos name appears in the credits, which would have been on IMDB months before, plus various Hollywood contract sites, means that we all would have known in advance even if the trailer hadn’t let that one slip.

Sure people not plugged into the net like we are might have been oblivious, but I doubt even that as word of mouth travels pretty fast on Facebook, and even grandparents are on that these days.


That sounds like the kind of problem a briefcase full of money could solve.


Maybe, but with all the sites like… THR or other specialist sites (sorry I don’t remember the one with the Latin sounding name that big scooped some marvel movie I think), would they have really been able to? Some news about Ruffalo appearing on site for filming almost certainly would have gotten out.

I dunno, I just don’t think such things are truly possible anymore.


Problem with your theory: Marvel is not above lying in their trailers. I had rewatched the final official trailer a few hours before you posted and there is a glimpse of Thor …

After his eye was gone, in God of Thunder mode. Unlike in the movie, where only one of his eyes glowed with lightning, in the trailer it showed both eyes glowing. And the black burn/scar where his missing eye was, too.