Those dirty Gnashbladers better wake up and stop ruining the country

Title Those dirty Gnashbladers better wake up and stop ruining the country
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 16, 2013

Left or right? Main street or Wall street? Security or liberty? You'll have the chance to take a political stand in the upcoming Cutthroat Politics update for Guild Wars 2..

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Gnashblade thinks he'll win just by discounting keys? He'd have a more competitive platform if he promised to increase their drop rate. As it is, Kiel's going to easily win this election.

What they promise to do and what they actually do when elected are two different things. I'd love to see the developers have the elected official screw everyone over by increasing costs to pay for the resource boom in Chinese gold farming ending.

"Its a global economy and because prices in World of Warcraft have crashed we are feeling it here in Guild Wars 2"

One of the things that's so awesome about how ArenaNet is doing this is that these characters aren't just emerging out of the blue. They've been established in the last few rounds of new content, and even talking about their ambitions.

It's almost like ArenaNet isn't just making this stuff up as they go along! :)

I don't know, I like Kiel better as a leader, and the waypoint thing might be nice, but Gnasher is promising an ancient history fractal that sounds very cool, while Kiel's Thermonova Reactor sounds a bit boring. I want better hyping for both before choosing, but a lot of lore folks will be voting Gnasher.

I'm not going back... there's no way you're going to make me.

Maybe a peek...