Those wacky Israelis, hijacking their own planes

No, really!

I would guess that Benjamin Netanyahu, probable next Israeli PM and whose elder brother died during the Entebbe operation, is not amused.

Forgive us this day our sins, before the end of the world comes upon us.

An interesting report from an un-named source with no corroboration. Hopefully it’ll be pursued by both the press and western governments, but until I see some more actual evidence I’m not getting too bent out of shape out of this.

You forgot biased.

Note: I’m not saying bias precludes truth, I’m just pointing out that a group calling itself the Euro-Arab whatever is going to be biased, period.

Mmmm, probably biased, but I prefer to wait until I have evidence of bias before I make that accusation and the fact that the source is totally unnamed precludes that. As I said, time, further investigation by the press, and some pointed questions put to Israel by France may shed more light on these documents one way or the other.


The truly shocking revelation is that, apparently, when the Jews and the Illuminati hold their monthly meetings to predetermine the outcome of world events (and set the price of money)… there’s a Palestinian sitting at the table?


The only explanation I can come up with is that he performs in basically the same capacity as Alan Colmes at Fox News.

Hah. Now that’s a guy I feel sorry for. Though after watching clips of him and hannity long enough, I’m beginning to doubt he’s really a democrat. The hit job they did on Paul was distasteful.

WTF? The other guy with Hannity is a Democrat?

Honestly, in the brief glimpses of Fox News that are inflicted on us here in Canada on the freebie preview channel… I could have sworn they were both Republicans.

That’s how you can tell he’s a Democrat.