Thoughts on $100 Gamecube?

So what do you all think of Nintendo dropping the Gamecube to $100. Is this the first step toward oblivion and a sign Nintendo is dumping stock before the end, or a brilliant move to beat out the X-Box for clear dominance as the number 2 console?

FWIW I have a PS2 and was thinking of getting a 2nd console. I was leaning toward the X-Box, but at $100, the Gamecube looks awfully sweet. For me at the $100 price point, the Gamecube moves from a carefully thought out “capital” expenditure to an “aw, what the heck, I can afford $100” type of impulse purchase.

You forgot the “Fuck the Gamecube” option.

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The price drop should boost sales. There’s a significant price difference now between the Cube and the other two.

None of the above. I think it’s the only thing they can really do this season to compete. I don’t think however that they are giving up entirely. Hopefullly they are gearing up for next gen. If not cest la vie.

If Nintendo only concentrated on games, we wouldn’t have the Gameboy Advance. They need to dump the Gamecube and concentrate on expanding the Gameboy.

Put Gamecube technology into a hand-held. I think that’s the way to go.

It would cut into GBA sales, but Nintendo probably has to do something new anyway to compete with the upcoming Sony hand-held. Nintendo also seems to enjoy good third-party support for the GBA. That support might transfer to a new hand-held platform.

" Is this the first step toward oblivion and a sign Nintendo is dumping stock before the end, or a brilliant move to beat out the X-Box for clear dominance as the number 2 console? "

As if it matters. The only people who care about who’s #2 are the fanboys and the marketing people.

Ultimately gamers care because it effects which titles go to which platforms.

At some point, being cheap enough makes the thing look LESS desirable. I’m concerned that potential Gamecube buyers will see the price and think it’s yesterday’s technology, a “losing console,” and a second-rate piece of gaming equipment.

Being priced more like the competitors puts you in their same general league, y’know? It says, if nothing else, “I’m just as good as those guys.” Being $99 says “I’m about as good as a PSOne.” Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

I think the price drop will hurt Nintendo’s position. I think they crossed that threshold between “a good value” and “looking like cheap junk.” The hardcore gamers know better, but they have Gamecubes already.

Worse, the software lineup just doesn’t look as strong this holiday season. Microsoft has a much stronger roster of AAA games for Xmas, and I think it will pull ahead pretty clearly and solidify it’s #2 position. Except in Japan, where it will contiue to flounder desperately.

Then again, I know a few people who love to knock the Gamecube for being “kiddie” but are thinking about picking one up because of this deal. Anecdotal evidence, sure, but the economy isn’t exactly kicking ass right now. A cheap console is a good thing.

The funny thing is that the Cube has been 100 dollars for months, it’s just that you’d buy it for 150 and get a free 50 dollar game or GameBoy Player. If you think about it they’re just advertising the current price in a different way.

Well, the price drop might put pressure on the other console manufacturers to drop their prices as well, something they can less afford to do given their manufacturing costs.

Yes, there is a problem of pricing the console too cheaply, but $100 isn’t exactly pocket change for most families. I mean, kids are expensive enough as is! The new price point also allows Nintendo to have cheaper bundle packs, which mitigates the problem somewhat. I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing GCN+memory card+game for $150.

Really though, I agree that it would be cool to start seeing GCN-class technology in a portable device. I mean, we’re already seeing SNES grade games on the GBA.

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Which make the PS2 and Xbox more appealing because of the DVD features. I have lost count of how many people have convinced their S.O.'s to buy a console because it plays movies too.

Microsoft has a much stronger roster of AAA games for Xmas,

I see this from people but I dare you to name them. I’ll bet you get a collective “meh” from some folks and a hell yeah from others.

All the console makers have strong lineups this Fall. People who say otherwise have agendas or different taste in games than the next guy, plain and simple.


Ultimately gamers care because it effects which titles go to which platforms.[/quote]

And those who want to play Nintendo games can now do it for $100 plus the game of their choice. They can’t play those on any other console. The love of third party games that are usually far less exciting than console exclusive games on this board is mesmerizing. The games people care about on ALL consoles are usually exclusive. That’s why they’re deciding to buy one, two or all three systems.


Probably a good thing. There’s an issue with the “too cheap” image, to be sure, but $99 is a magic price point.

Plus, if your most desirable game is Smash Bros. or Mario Sunshine, which are discounted now, it is actually $20 cheaper.

There’s also no good answer to this poll. It’s slanted from the start.


I don’t know, Dave, “Fuck Microsoft” is a pretty safe answer to most questions.

Maybe, but as Bub keeps saying, the Cube makes an excellent second console. All of those people I was talking about already have a PS2, so that’s not really the issue.

No bias there… nope… none at all.

Yeah, I’m not a big Microsoft fan. Their software is often subpar and their business practices are deplorable. Still, I’ve got plenty of PC games that I play on Microsoft operating systems. I’ll be damned if those bastards are going to keep me from playing the games I want to play just by, you know, making the platforms those games are on.

So what? I don’t hate Freespace because it was written for a MS platform, just as I don’t hate Halo or KotOR (both of which I’ll play as soon as I pick up an XBox). My feelings towards Microsoft are completely seperate from my feelings for the XBox software lineup–not enough exclusive games I want to play on top of the games I already have for the PC, Cube, PS2, and GBA. Once the price gets low enough (come on KB) I’ll consider it. But for now, meh.

Edit: Actually, I’ll play Halo next week. So, I don’t know, make that Panzer Dragoon Orta, I guess.