THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media GmbH (Deep Silver)


You’re not the only one. Not like I could have afforded it if somebody actually bid real money, but I wish I had tried anyway.


Some background infos can be found in a local newspaper, Tiroler Tageblatt. Quick and dirty summary / translation:

Mr Koch, age 66, decided to retire. His children weren’t interested in running the company. “So a sale of the company was taken into consideration”.
The negotiations lasted for four months.

The management, with the exception of Mr Koch, will stay. He will be replaced by THQ Nordic’s CFO.
Even more - from the press release in the original post: “Koch Media was founded in 1994 by Dr. Klemens Kundratitz and key management and has remained an entrepreneurial company since. Dr. Kundratitz will remain as CEO of the company and becomes a THQ Nordic shareholder after the Seller’s distribution of the Share Consideration.” He will become a major shareholder.

Managing director Reinhard Gratl says the Koch Media group has a yearly revenue of 300M EUR. He expects a growth to 360M EUR this year. THQ Nordic’s revenue is 40M EUR.

Koch Media has roundabout 800 employees.
427 of them not in development (->PR).
"[According to Mr Gratl,] Franz Koch’s […] target during the sale [negotiations] wasn’t profit maximization. He had simply reached retirement age. His primary motive was securing the company’s further business and [securing] jobs, which had an effect on the sale price. (Note: The German context implies Mr Gratl says between the lines that THQ Nordic paid less but had to give job guarantees of some kind for the rank and file employees.)

Revenue distribution according to the PR: "Approximately 26 percent [of 300M EUR, see above] of net sales during the period were generated from Games, 67 percent from Partner Publishing, and the remaining 8 percent from Film. " (Partner Publishing is Koch’s distribution business. They have exclusive retail distribution deals for certain countries with publishers like Sega or Capcom, and also for non-gaming software.)


Thanks for the info, fascinating.


They are bringing a few Microsoft only* titles over to Steam now.

These titles are:

  • ReCore: Definitive Edition
  • Super Lucky’s Tale
  • Disneyland Adventures
  • Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure
  • Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection




And they keep growing…



All excellent news.


They also acquired the developer of the Expeditions series (Conquistador and Vikings) Logic Artists of today!


That’s good news. I hope Logic Arts will be able to continue their Expeditions series because it’s really great.


Seconded! Both Conquistador and Vikings are well-produced, interesting and somewhat unique strategy games. Hopefully this means THQ-Nordic will finance more Expeditions games. Looking forward to seeing what Logic Arts produces next.



Wow! That’s awesome!


1 more for THQ Nordic, as they attempt to acquire all the devs and IP they can.




Gotta catch em all.


Acquiring another one…






Starbreeze is ripe for an acquisition…