THQ Nordic acquires Koch Media GmbH (Deep Silver)

Seconded! Both Conquistador and Vikings are well-produced, interesting and somewhat unique strategy games. Hopefully this means THQ-Nordic will finance more Expeditions games. Looking forward to seeing what Logic Arts produces next.

Wow! That’s awesome!

1 more for THQ Nordic, as they attempt to acquire all the devs and IP they can.


Gotta catch em all.

Acquiring another one…



Starbreeze is ripe for an acquisition…


I hope that means PB can borrow some animators from Kingdom Come or somewhere.

Piranhas have around 25 people but make these huge 60+ hour RPGs with choices and consequences in them, so some rough edges are inevitable. It would be great if this allowed them to staff up a bit and make Elex 2 better than first.
THQN is building quite a nice RPG portfolio.

Man, THQ Nordic has been killing it on the acquisitions lately. I don’t know if they already have a studio working on it, but throw some additional resources at Piranha Bytes and they become the perfect studio to resurrect the Kingdoms of Amalur IP that THQN bought last year.

Didn’t notice this at the time. Does this mean I can blame the halfwits responsible for that 8chan chat for Satisfactory going Epic exclusive?

Cross-posted from the EGS thread:

On THQ Nordic’s investor call, the CEO told attendees that although Metro Exodus did well digitally, the “absolute majority” of sales were on console. When asked specifically about Epic Games Store performance, he hesitated then said Exodus performed better than expected “in the beginning of the year” but would not elaborate.

He ignored a question about Satisfactory’s sales numbers on EGS.

Shocking! Just shocking! When 95%± of their PC player base it on Steam what did they expect. :)

Also they had the redux version on Origin and GOG, so that like the remaining 5%± .

Yeah they’re all pikachuface.jpg over that, while the rest of us are, “umm… you blew off the PC’s biggest store LOL”

Enjoy that fat extra 12%… of nothing

You listening to this, Travis?

Maybe it’s much more harmless and the article was just worded imprecisely. Just move the quotation marks a couple of words to the left and it sounds much more non-committal. "Exodus performed better than expected in the beginning of the year”, but would not elaborate
If they sold 1 unit more than expected that’s already true and it doesn’t admit a mistake or jab EGS.

That doesn’t really improve anything. Saying it sold better than expected in the beginning of the year, and not saying anything else, still implies it didn’t sell as well later. Investor calls usually aren’t about downplaying positive news.