Thread splinter - what do you think are the best expansions?

Everything Dave just said is true. My only problem with SMACX is that SMAC by itself barely needed expanding (plus I really don’t like the aliens). The original game is/was just that good.

Diablo II expansion
SC: Brood War
Yuri’s Revenge, RA2
AC: Alien Crossfire

And the as of yet started/announced/heardof MechCommand 2 expansion…that will own.

I usually don’t get too excited by expansions, but I remember really liking the Urban Ops expansion to Rogue Spear. I remember it being very balanced as far as offering new missions, new modes, and new weapons. A really nice pack that also made replaying some of the maps worthwhile.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
Not only did it have a whole new campaign with great new gameplay elements but it also had much improved graphics, new models, new weapons, totally rewritten netcode, lots of new editor stuff, an island bigger and more beautiful than any that came in the actual game etc.

Other favourites include:

StarCraft Broodwar
Tie Fighter: Defender of the Empire
Half Life: Opposing Force
Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Hoping to add the Medieval: Total War and Europa 1400 expansions to that list.

However, The Mage’s Tower, along with The Thieve’s Guild and, I think, The Jew’s Den, is one of them.

The Mage Towers, Thieves’ Guild and Song of the Caverns are the new missions in Thief Gold.

And, Christ, when is someone going to release a user patch to give me the Gold missions? It can’t be that hard.

It’s not as simple as just converting the missions from Thief Gold because Thief Gold has a different texture pack, new meshes, models and sounds that those new missions use (which the original Dark Project does not have). Now even if it is done, you still wouldn’t find them on any public Thief sites because EIDOS don’t take too kindly to the idea (to put it mildly).

Good call, Gordon. Heh, I started to second guess myself mid-post and think that you might be right, which is why I included that reference to your superior powers of recollection!

ph34r my m4d 8-bit nostalgia skillz! :)