Three Moves Ahead 14 -- Mapping

With the blessing of the Entity, I self promote this time. This week, Tom, Bruce and I use my ongoing map series as the jumping off point for a wide ranging discussion of maps in strategy games.

Tom has a new catchphrase this week.

FoS post here, and the podcast file here.


Interesting podcast, it’s always nice to hear Tom and Bruce grumble at each other.

It even inspired me to go and read your series on map design. Good stuff. I really agree about Populous representing a largely unexplored design – the ‘map as a weapon’ as you put it. I’d love to see some more games exploring the idea of having a map editor as part of the gameplay. I suppose it’s less appealing since it’s not character based or doesn’t have characters as the center of the story, but still so much untapped potential.

Ah, let me catch up! I haven’t even commented on the podcasts i’ve already listen to…