Three Moves Ahead Episode 51 - Science and Technology

New show with Tom, Bruce and Rob as we talk about science in strategy games.

Also, if you notice a new look, it’s because I had two amazing women do it.


Awesome new logo. But why isn’t the Decade Feature in the Feature/Series page? I only found it in the archive (because I knew what I was looking for), and it’s a very good series.

Probably because I haven’t finished it yet, and I usually wait on that. But considering how slow we’re going, I’ll add it. Thanks.


Where’s the link to Tom’s love letter to Sister Miriam?

On the post about the podcast at the very bottom.

If you don’t want to read that, here it is


I haven’t finished the episode yet but a coworker asked me what I was listening to when we arrived at work. We talked about the podcast a bit. What struck me during our conversation is how high the quality of the show consistently is.

After a year I’ve mostly become blind and jaded to it but I genuinely feel you guys are at the top of your game. I haven’t researched the field or anything but as far as I know it just doesn’t get any better than this. There are other great guys writing about strategy games, sure, but you have here a very high concentration of expertise and talent on the same show.

Troy, Tom and Bruce, you have been doing this a loong time. The seniority would count for naught, though, if it wasn’t coupled with the ability to clearly elucidate your views and eloquently expound on your points. These skills are not lacking in Julian or Rob, either. There is also so much substance to your arguments and sharing of your accumulated game knowledge that I feel the show brings real value to the listeners.

I hope this unadulterated praise doesn’t now go straight to your heads and make you insufferably smug and boorish in your future interactions. I just wanted to share the delight at the re-realization of what a good thing you have going here. Thank you, all!

I never read that before. It’s great. Alpha Centauri as a strategy game had more atmosphere than almost any other game in any genre.

Thanks for the kind words, Jarmo. I think we were at the top of our game over the summer when we still had a million things to talk about and the scheduling wasn’t such a pain. (Among the reasons we brought on Rob was because he knows his stuff and has a much more flexible schedule than workaholic Bruce and globetrotting Julian.)

But I think this will be a big year for the genre. So hopefully we can do more game centered stuff as well as another MP thing. Though, once again, that involves scheduling issues.


If that features/series page is new to the site then it’s a great addition. I always struggle to locate archived content on blog format websites so I’m sure it will come in handy.

Not new. Been there a while.

Will probably add a new archives plugin to make those easier, too.


Since we’re discussing the site anyway, episode 49 is missing the TMA category, so it’s missing from the list when you go to the TMA archives.