Three Moves Ahead podcast: Trading Places

In which we talk about trading games and don’t bring up Merchant Prince nearly enough. Although Julian Murdoch does attempt to use the word “Machiavellian” as an adverb.

Listen here. And here’s the page at Flash of Steel.

The thing about glaring design flaws is actually a fairly common problem in software development. The designers and programmers are often “too close” to the product, so minor flaws get overlooked because they get used to it working that way, or the user isn’t given the right information because the designers can’t see that gap in knowledge since they already know all that behind-the-scenes stuff.

That’s why modern “agile” methods involve getting working skeletons and prototypes as early as possible and involving QA right from the start, rather than dumping it on them at the end when it’s too late for design changes, but of course there’s no guarantee that any particular developer will work that way.

You guys mention Taipan but not Patrician or Port Royale?!? How can you have a discussion of trading games and not bring up Ascaron’s games?

The Anno games will come up in a future city building episode. The Patrician series is one I should have discussed. Taipan is just Tom being old.

We are in no way trying to cover every game ever made on every theme. We didn’t mention Gold of the Americas, Exploration, Capitalism, Airport Tycoon or a hundred other games either.