Three Rings (Puzzle Pirates, Bang! Howdy)

Anybody got any insight into this developer? They are hiring and I am looking. Apparently they have a crazy office space!

There is a thread around here where that article you linked was discussed, which included the merits of blowing all the cash for the office and the high rent district where the office is located. Let us search for that, shall we?

I’ve known Dan James for about 17 years. He rocks.

Ahh, here it be.

<Insert rant here about how he wishes more game companies would locate in the south bay instead of downtown SF>

Oh well, there’s always Cryptic…


I’d highly recommend them (fwiw). Dan’s a smart businessman, who also manages to have some fun along the way.

I read an article about the contractor that built the furniture, and remarkably enough it didn’t cost more than standard cubicles and such. In fact, it was cheaper because the contractor has an incredibly efficient production system that uses every inch of every piece of wood (they use them 'puters to figure it out before cutting).


If anything, more companies need to be in downtown San Francisco. 80% of all dev houses in the bay area are south of Burlingame. I’ve had to work on that goddamn peninsula for 9 years now.

Okay, perhaps I misspoke; since I’m in the south bay “downtown” is basically anywhere in San Francisco. :P Even Redwood City is too far noth for me. I’d settle for Mountain View or Sunnyvale, but I’d really like more game companies in Santa Clara, San Jose, Gilroy, Los Gatos, etc. I saw Apple was hiring some MMO developers, but they were only looking for very experienced candidates.


So computers are good for something. Hmph. WHo’da thunk it?

Now that you mention it, I remember that, so I misrepresented the workspace in which they reside as an over-priced indulgence. My apologies to all.