Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes

As it turns out, Amazon customer reviews make for some great late night reading.

Who knew?

Is there a Wolf T-Shirt Internet Reviewing Meme I don’t know about? This seems to be making the rounds right now, but I also found this thread here, by Jerry Sizzler (rowr!), from last year.

Wild stuff. I did not know that.


“Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do.”

Just a lame imitation of the original:

It’s apparently the Internet uniform now.

Tuscan Whole Milk is pretty popular, too.

From user “Edgar”

Don’t skip the customer images.

Also check out this thread…

with a similarly awesome phenomenon involving reviews of a pen .

The manufacturer response is kind of interesting, in that they gamely play along AND accuse people of engaging in class warfare. All in the same post.

You mean they are playing along BY accusing people of being classist. It’s subtle.

No one neuters the wolf without losing a hand.


The pics are funny as well…

I was all set to buy my nine-year-old son one of these as he actually loves wolves and would think it’s the coolest t-shirt ever, an irony I could savor all summer long. Unfortunately (or not depending on your point of view I suppose) they’re out of his size.

WaPo article about the phenomenon (as it were).

People who wear tshirts/sweatshirts with wolves on them has been a running joke for a long time… even before the web.

It was a big indicator of someone’s personality. And I don’t mean “badass loner”.

It now has its own music video.

And the ABC News segment about it.

Love The Mountain owner’s hat.

Three-wolf-moon-shirt ruined?

Not ruined, it has evolved!

Just ordered it for my wife. She surprised me with the three wolf shirt a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the link.

Let’s make this the awesome T-shirt thread.