Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales


I just rode that same roller coaster. Another Witcher game? And it’s been out this whole month?! Why have I not…OH, it’s Gwent.

I guess it’ll save a hell of a lot of cash on the Netflix series when Geralt pulls out his cards instead of actually showing him take down some harpies.


Your post was extremely reductive though. “it’s just a Gwent card game.” is literally bullshit, it is much more than that.


*Shrug. True. I wasn’t feeling very verbose.


Fair enough. Still a shame you are not even willing to give it a chance though, it really is fantastic. I am not a big gwent fan, but anyone who likes good writing is probably going to enjoy Thronebreaker.


I haven’t followed much at all, is their any voice work?


It has AAA production values, so flawlessly fully voiced with great witchery soundtrack, if that’s what you mean


Only one way to know it. Like reading my post where I praise the voice work :P


I request a TLDR summary. :)


It’s a well-produced (art, music, voices) 2d game in the Witcher world that mixes turn based strategy gameplay in the form of a card game, puzzle game, all with progression mechanics within a narrative-heavy framework with good writing and characters as Cd Prokekt is capable of, adding even more choice & consequence mechanics than in the Witcher games. It’s also longer and more varied than you may think at first, as it seems a ‘limited’ small game at first sight.


I’m totally excited about this game although it’s not yet in my budget range just yet.


Most excellent, thanks!


Great post.


Hmmm…I’ve been as skittish as a stock broker this Steam Sale, picking and then dumping games before buying. This one and Vampyr are pretty much the last ones on my list. This thread popped up at a really good time…


It also has an easy mode if one doesn’t care about the Gwent part so much.

That said, I started it and took a break, but there are monsters to kill out there, I’m sure I’ll come back to it in time even if it is mostly Gwent.


I think the easy mode even allows you to skip the battles.


Pulled the trigger on this and played about an hour so far. Voice acting is pretty solid and the graphics are simple but sharp.

I am pleasantly surprised about the card game. I thought I would be playing glorified hands of Gwent strung together by a loose story. But the card rounds merely abstract how battles would play out in the Witcher universe. For example, when I stumbled into a battle against ghouls, the battle didn’t play out like a round of euchre. Rather, the ghoul cards actually abstracted traits I would expect in a battle against ghouls (ie claw damage, unit regeneration through corpse eating etc).

There is some tactical depth to the game as well. Card placement matters and you can direct attacks against specific enemy cards. There is a lot going on and it will take a while to figure out how each card works. The tutorial is helpful though.

Still early days for me though so my initial impressions may change. But is great to dive into a new Witcher experience and I am even thinking of diving into the Witcher 3 again. Never did try out that NG+ mode…


At about 11 hours in, I’m going to be shelving this.

The writing isn’t anything special. I mean, there’s a story. The twists so far seem entirely predictable, and I just have no interest in any of the characters except maybe Meve. The fake old-timey grammar is just incredibly grating. I could maybe respect it as a stylistic choice if it was at least consistent. But it’s so random that it’s hard to consider it anything but sloppy.

Also, just like with Pyre, it just feels very hard for me to connect with the visual novel style of storytelling.

On the gameplay side:

  • This might be the buggiest game I’ve played in a year. My favorite one is maybe how you have all these puzzle Gwent battles that are all about figuring out the one proper sequencing of plays given the resources you have. But whatever you do, don’t look at the deck in a puzzle battle. Because it’ll break all the deck-based powers, making it unsolvable. Or the final straw for me: insane levels of stuttering, which seem to be getting worse as the game continues. Any part of the game can just go to 5-10 fps mode for a few seconds at any time for no obvious reason; or the whole game including even the mouse cursor will just freeze for 5-10 seconds, making you think the game has crashed.
  • The map exploration part of the game is no fun, but takes a lot of time and seems to be basically mandatory given the scarcity of resources. I really love how getting faster movement speeds on the map is gated behind the same upgrade system as the economic / combat upgrades. Do you want better cards, or do you want to waste less time walking around the map?
  • I liked the original Gwent. This feels nothing like it, with far more emphasis on instant damage. Also, the comparison to the systems of Slay the Spire or Artifact is not very flattering to Gwent.

I might return if the technical issues get solved with a future patch. But probably not even then, since the story isn’t grabbing me.


I also had the stuttering problem in the end part, it wasn’t in the 1.0 version :(


I laughed, then I cried.

I’ve gone back and forth on this game for weeks. Due to the long length of one playthrough, I’m going to forget about it for now. I’ll revisit it later this year.


I think the thronebreaker could be better as after the hype it built around its release didnt meet my expectations personally.