The past couple months I’ve been noticing jerkiness at the beginning of streaming movies and occasional laggy bits while playing online games. I always had a solid signal before this, so I’m suspicious. Plus, I never seem to get lag on my tablet, just on the PCs.

Is there an easy way to test if my connection is being throttled by Comcast? if not, any idea what might be causing this?


That will diagnose a few of the more egregious forms…

Thanks. I’ll give it a look.

Your issue sounds similar to mine, which was not a throttling problem. It was an upstream problem. Specifically, my upstream was busted for some reason. Apparently this is a problem that people occasionally get with Comcast, but the bad news is that my solution to the problem was getting really, really pissed off at them for having incompetent customer service and switching to OpLink, which, if you don’t live in Houston, isn’t really an option.

That’s how I fixed my upstream problems with TimeWarner cable. But I switched to Uverse.

Run a few speed tests and see if you have a terrible or unreliable upwards connection. Cable modems in particular are great at down, less so at up. Also, my experience was that cable modems would not last more than about 2-3 years. On the upside, if you are leasing one, the cable company will usually let you swap out modems with a minimal fuss, sometimes as easy as going to their office and exhanging.