Through the Ages (iOS and Android) by Vlaada Chvátil

This game is so good that I think it deserves its own thread because it would be a shame for it to get buried in the iOS thread, and I think enough of us are going to play it that we can collect strategy tips and game call-outs here. For those of you who don’t know, this is a boardgame from 2006 designed by Vlaada Chvátil that just got a digital port a few days ago, and it is so well-executed that it’s stunning. The game itself is excellent and the port is equally so. The game is a strategy game up to 4 people (but plays fine with 2 or 3) that Vlaada made to be a boardgame version of Sid Meier’s Civilization (not the Francis Tresham Avalon Hill Civilization or Advance Civ or any of that) and it has many of the same concepts. Played against the AI (which seems pretty good to me, btw) a game takes maybe 30 minutes.

Post stuff here to help me not lose so much plz.

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If I buy it through the above link does it help Tom? Or does it not matter?

That’s the original game. The app is of the revised version from 2015, which is the better version.

Correct. My point was that it has been around for a while. But yes, the 2015 edition is the one that has been digitalisée.

Although I have games on my Android tablet I rarely play them. Anyone know if there are plans for a Steam version?

This game is so complicate, I have spent most of my week end being wasted by the “easiest” AI!

WAit. This is the same guy who designed the SINGLE GREATEST BOARDGAME EVER, Mage to the effing Knight, yo!

Nice, reminded me of a great interview with the man himself about Through the Ages when it was released.

Might be interesting for the option to play against AI, but will probably continue to be my go-to for async versus my friends. I prefer a low-resource browser based implementation over any dedicated app.

What are the multiplayer options?

Asynchronous available? Can turn time limits be set.

I have read that some people think that multiplayer takes too long but I’m not sure what multiplayer modes are available.


From the other thread:

There is a ton of async options: 90-180 sec/turn, 4-6 min/turn, 20 minutes/turn, 3 hours/turn, 12 hours/turn, 24 hours/turn, 3 days/turn, and “endless” time per turn.

All of those modes include a fixed amount of “reserve” time that I think you can draw from throughout the game. For example, the 20 minutes/turn blitz mode has 16 hours of reserve, which you can use to stop the game at night and resume the next day.

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I just remembered I have an Android emulator. I’m so weak.

great board game but takes too long for us to play it much. games vs ai are much quicker and even medium ai is a challenge for me.

This is me. I have replayed the tutorial twice, and gone back to certain sections of the tutorial, just to grasp everything. And I’m still not quite there yet. A lot of balancing going on.

That said, I am positively hooked, it is an intriguing game. And the tutorial is really among the best I’ve ever encountered. Great soundtrack. Well worth the ten dollars.

I’ve gone through the strategy forum on BGG but haven’t found much that is very helpful. So I will learn through this thread, and through losing.


Sounds like my kind of game

I’d be up for joining a game if someone is looking to get one going. I just got the app and haven’t messed around with it too much but I’ve played the game quite a bit on