Through the Ages (iOS and Android) by Vlaada Chvátil


Sigh. Consistency check error. Are things normally this bad?


This isn’t the first time I have gotten a consistency error, but that’s now two out of two games for us? Really frustrating. I think I am gonna go on hiatus from m/p games until they get this figured out. My goodwill towards the game is draining fast. This is (by my count) my eighth crashed game out of 20.






There’s nothing to unsee, that’s him!


Came close to beating the hard AI - lost by 15., Best I’ve done.

Talked to tech support. The next update solves some of the multiplayer issues. They said many of them are caused by spotty internet connections and the game sending parts of a turn more than once which screws things up. They also fixed the crash when closing down the game, which is annoying but doesn’t affect play.


Anyone know what the icons in the colonized territories mean?

I don’t mean the yellow dots, I mean the arrow and the black cards.


You get various bonuses after a successful colonization. These may include a new worker (curved arrow, just like on the produce worker icon) or military cards (ie gray cards).


Just finished a game with 300 points! Against the easy AI, but still a new record for me that I didn’t even know I could hit!

I just picked this up today and want to play some online games. I’m porousnapkin online if anyone is organizing. Are people setting up games here or in the slack (or neither)?


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Update 1.2.4 just dropped adding multiple QoL features, including:

  • Multiple settings for opponent’s turn replay speed (love the tap-to-continue setting!)
  • Potential culture gains are now listed on Age III wonders and events



Now if they could just fix the crashing multiplayer!


I own an iPhone 6+ (64-bit device) and an iPad 4 (32-bit device). I don’t think it’s ever crashed on my iPhone, but it does on my iPad, usually past the midpoint of a game (but never in a 2P game). Both devices have 1 GB of memory, so I’m thinking the limited memory plus a 32-bit SoC is to blame. Honestly, when the app was released, I was surprised it wasn’t restricted to 64-bit devices only.


Interesting. I have the exact same devices you do. I almost never play on my phone, though. Although I am impressed how they made a separate interface for the phone (subtly) which hugely mitigates the size issue. I’m loathe to shift all my play to the phone, though. Not my preferred play device.


I was, as well. But then I started playing games on it while wearing reading glasses, and it’s been much more enjoyable. TtA plays well on my phone, much better than I expected.


The recent update is kinda slow. I keep mashing the screen to fast-forward past all the AI turns.

I have identified my biggest mistake and managed to win more on 3 player games. I hold on to too many cards for “the future”. Grab cards for next turn, maybe two turns later at most.


I hate you.


I’ve played the board game quite a few times before this, but I sort of hate me too. I will never score that high again, as subsequent plays have thoroughly demonstrated!


Honestly, I don’t really trust people who don’t hate themselves just a little bit.


Go in your game preference, you can choose how opponents turn are shown. It’s a new feature of the latest version.


My apologies to all my opponents in that last Qt3 game we just finished. It must have sucked to constantly get attacked. It didn’t feel super to be so aggressive. I just had the right war/aggression cards all the time it it, seemed. Anyway, good game.