Through the Ages (iOS and Android) by Vlaada Chvátil


Excellent! I might pick this up for the option to play vs AI at some point.


How did you decide it was OK to install on your PC and not malware or something?
How do you get the game from the play store ‘installed’ on the emulator?



I just used a little Google-fu.

There’s a tab that takes you to the play store, and you can purchase and install it from there, or, if you prefer, you can order it on your tablet and then just download it to the desktop.

One caveat - because it;s running in an emulator, it’s a little slow. Also, “swiping” (which the tutorial requires at times) can be sort of hit and miss.


Thanks for the Events advice, everyone. I’m gonna try to focus on it next time I play- speaking of which, anyone starting a game?


I just finished the tutorial and would be up for a noob-friendly learning game


Hah, Vlaada Chvátil.

Vladimír Chvátil, one of legendary czech devs, who back in the day co-created one of the best and most unique realtime strategy games ever, Original War.

I had no idea he then worked on board games, being so succesful. Cool stuff.


Hey, so I won my first game against 3 lowest level AIs! So that’s something! I gotta register an ID so we can get that game going.


I’m about to start my first game against an Easy AI player. I’m not sure I completely grok how wars work, but I’ll be registering on line as well, so I’m ready whenever you are.


What was it!


gotta be the gems


Don’t worry too much about wars. They’re probably the least important thing to learn because they’re quite difficult to use effectively. Aggressions are both simpler and much more relevant in most games.


What @Mark_L said. The gag about paying gems for the pyramids to complete. I’m so conditioned that I’m gonna run into that sooner or later in an iOS game that my brain believed the tutorial for a moment.

EDIT: Spoiler tagged because it’s funny enough that I shouldn’t have ruined it. I blame Dave Perkins for asking!



Ha, that’s a good one!


First ever spoiler of a tutorial.


Thanks for this. I’m saving as a pdf to read on my kindle. The videos I looked at where, for various reasons, not very helpful, so I am hoping this gets me over the learning hump beyond the basic rules.


I did it! I beat the easiest AI, while remotely knowing what I was doing.
I feel so smart!


I bought this and went through the tutorial, I agree it’s really well done. If only Tom spoiler tagged the best gag.

Anyway, some Qs about online async play that I can’t quite figure out yet:

  • Is there cross-play between ios and android devices?
  • How can I add AI to a 2 player online game? It really sucks if you can’t do this.


It’s so good. If you don’t buy this, you are dumb. I may try some online games this weekend.

I am Tyjenks87. I think you can friend people, correct?


Hunh… I barely remember that one but now I want to play it!


You’re very welcome. I hope it helps, though it’s aimed at introducing people to the game rather than teaching basic strategy. If you have any strategy questions, feel free to ask me.